No India-Pakistan action in 2020 T20 World Cup group-stage?

India and Pakistan have been meeting each other in the group-stages of every ICC event since the 2011 World Cup – a total of five times. However, come the 2020 T20 World Cup, India-Pakistan action will not take place in the group-stage, and this is mainly because of the T20 rankings of the two neighbouring cricketing teams.

India is ranked No.1, while Pakistan is ranked No.2 in the ICC T20 rankings, which is why they will be allotted in different groups at the T20 World Cup next year. Interestingly, there will be no England-Australia action as well in the group stages.

Group A: Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2

Group B: India, England, South Africa, Afghanistan, Qualifier 3, Qualifier 4

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