Do you like boys?: Apologetic Shannon Gabriel slapped with a four-match ban

West Indies cricketer Shannon Gabriel has come out of the closet, extending an “unreserved apology” for the allegedly ‘homophobic’ comments directed towards England captain Joe Root during the third Test in St. Lucia, for which he has been banned by the ICC for four matches.

Gabriel gave his account of the incident and said, “The exchange occurred during a tense moment on the field. I recognize now that I was attempting to break through my own tension when I said to Joe Root: ‘Why are you smiling at me? Do you like boys?'”

“His (Root) response, which was picked up by the microphone, was: ‘Don’t use it as an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being gay.’ I then responded: ‘I have no issues with that, but you should stop smiling at me.'”

Read full story on ESPN Cricinfo.


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