Wayne Rooney suggests the ‘right guy’ to manage Manchester United

Manchester United have seen a turn-around of sorts ever since Jose Mourinho was sacked and the managerial tasks were handed to the former Red Devil Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, although on an interim basis.

With Solskjaer dictating an impressive run in his first 10 matches that includes 9 wins and a draw, Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney feels that the 45-year-old should be given a permanent job.

However, the former striker said that should the United leadership look past Solskjaer, then Tottenham Hotspur coach Pochettino would be the ‘right guy’.

Rooney said, “It’d be nice to see Ole Gunnar continue with this form and get a shot at the job on a permanent basis. But if not, if the club go to choose from somewhere else, then I think Pochettino would be the right guy.”

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