Virat Kohli trolled by Sunil Chhetri for being a vegan

When we talk about Indian cricket and Indian football, two very similar and equally dominant figures are Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri. Both are captains and both of them give their oppositions a nightmare more often than not.

Sunil Chhetri talked about Virat Kohli and recalled how he once trolled the Indian cricket captain for ordering an Idli. Chhetri revealed that although he made fun of Kohli and his vegetarian diet, it eventually ended up influencing Sunil Chhetri into becoming a vegan as well.

Chhetri said, “I used to make fun of him. One of the things we did for Star Sports, he ordered for some idli and I asked him what was wrong with him.”

“He is one sportsman who is unbelievable. It is not easy to do what he is doing. What Virat is doing is unbelievable. He is also different from others in person. What he eats, how he trains, he is different from others. He actually trains like a footballer.” 

Read more at The New Indian Express.


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