2019 IPL Schedule: Venue and today IPL match timing 2019

2019 IPL schedule, 2019 IPL venue, today IPL match timing 2019, today IPL schedule 2019, 2019 IPL date

2019 IPL schedule, 2019 IPL venue, today IPL match timing 2019, today IPL schedule 2019, 2019 IPL date

The 12th season of the Indian Premier League has started to already make waves in the Indian and international domestic circuits, and it seems like every single cricketing superstar from all across the globe is concerned about the 2019 IPL schedule and the starting 2019 IPL date.

The Indian Premier League has become a cricketing festival of sorts for the international cricketing community, with each and every veteran who has represented his country on the highest level, wanting to get picked up in the IPL auction.

However, while there was a great variety of cricketers in the last edition of the IPL, this time around, in the 2019 IPL schedule, it has been reported that the Australian and England cricketers would not be taking part.

Given the revenue that a cricketer can earn from playing cricket for just a couple of months in the Indian subcontinent, the decision does not seem a wise one. And it is now that it should be pointed out that this decision has been taken on behalf of the Australian and England cricketers on part of their Cricket Boards, who are of the firm belief that their players need to be in shape and form, for the ICC 2019 World Cup, which will start just months after the 2019 IPL schedule ends.

2019 IPL Schedule finalised, but what about the 2019 IPL Venue?

While the 2019 IPL schedule has been released by the IPL organising committee and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the 2019 IPL venue has not been decided as of yet, and is something that will make the organisers’ upcoming nights a bit sleep-less.

The 2019 IPL date for the opening clash is March 29, which would make it till May, that the tournament will be in operation. An obstacle in this course would be the general elections that would be taking place in India during that time of the 2019 IPL schedule, which has made it compulsory for the 2019 IPL venue to be changed, as the two events cannot go hand in hand, for sure.

Therefore, the organising committee is mulling the change of the 2019 IPL venue, from India to either South Africa, or the United Arab Emirates. If that will be the case, then the whole 2019 IPL schedule could become a nightmare for the teams, who’d have to travel a lot. The Indian players, especially, would have to stay away from their homes for the most duration of the 2019 IPL schedule, which could also put their 2019 World Cup preparations at bay.

Today IPL match timing 2019, Today IPL schedule 2019

You can get the complete 2019 IPL schedule here on this article, along with the match timing for every fixture, be it today IPL match timing 2019 of today IPL 2019 schedule 2019 or for some other day that you’re wanting the time for.

The opening clash of today IPL schedule 2019 will take place between the champions of the last edition of the Indian Premier League, i.e. Chennai Super Kings, and the runners-up of the last edition, i.e. Sunrisers Hyderabad.

While Chennai Super Kings have retained much of their core from the last season which boasts of MS Dhoni, the Sunrisers Hyderabad, after missing out on the title last year by a slight margin, have let go of one of their star performers from last season, i.e. Shikhar Dhawan.

It is now hoped that when the IPL 2019 auction takes place on December 18 in Jaipur, the SRH should bid for a batsman very selectively, given the fact that the 2019 IPL venue could very well be shifted outside India due to the general elections that will take place in the country during the summer.

Almost every other day in the schedule, about two matches will take place in the tournament, starting from March 29, and if you want to look up for today IPL match timing 2019, you can go to the link provided above to visit today IPL schedule 2019. The list has the complete fixture list, which one can explore for the 2019 IPL date for every match.

Today IPL match timing 2019 are arranged at two main slots, one at 4 PM (IST) and the other at 8 PM (IST), which will ensure that the Indian audiences get to witness the action live, no matter what the 2019 IPL venue is.

But it remains to be seen whether the change in 2019 IPL venue would affect today IPL match timing 2019, as there are obvious complications when the time zones are different for the venue and public viewers.

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