Indian Football News: Preparation for friendly against China could have been better, says India head coach Stephen Constantine

Constantine desperate to win. Indian football latest news, Indian football news, India vs China football match, India China football match.
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Indian football latest news, Indian football news, India vs China football match, India China football match

India are set to take on China in a football friendly on the Chinese soil on October 12, and it is making waves in Indian football news left, right and center. Speaking about the India vs China football match, which will be the first ever football clash between the neighbours on Chinese soil, national Indian football team head coach Stephen Constantine said that although this is what The Blue Tigers need before entering the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, they were not going to fly over to China just to lose.

Indian football latest news: We don’t have enough time to do what we need to do, says Constantine

As reported in Indian football latest news, Constantine spoke about the prospects for the Blue Tigers for the India vs China football match, ahead of their last training session after which they board the flight to China on Tuesday, and opined that the preparation for the game could have been better. As reported in Indian football news, Constantine said,

“Of course, it’s a problem because we don’t have much time to do what we really need to do. Going forward, I know that we have FIFA dates but we need a little bit more time. (Training only) 1-2 days before we go to play a game is difficult.”

As is evident from Indian football news that has been making rounds of late, the first set of Indian Super League (ISL) fixtures ended on Sunday, and Stephen Constantine could not even spend 48 complete hours with the whole assembled squad. Speaking about the lack of preparation that the Blue Tigers are going to fly off to China with, Constantine said, as reported in Indian football latest news,

“The boys that played on the 7th (Sunday), they arrived on the 8th lunchtime (Monday), they couldn’t train that day otherwise we are going to get injuries, muscle tears and stuff like that. So, when we get the players from the clubs, because they have had games, they need at least two days to recover before we can start putting them in and we don’t have that time because in four days we play.”

While that was the case with the preparation, Stephen Constantine emphasised that despite of all the lackings, the national Indian football team will face China with a motive to win, as representing India is not a regular job. He said,

“You are playing for India. Friendly is only in the word. These boys are gonna wanna go to the Asian Cup. They are gonna have to play for that position. We are not going there to lose. We will try to win the game. Okay, it is very difficult but our objective as always when we step on the pitch is to try to win. If we don’t win, we will take the positives out of the game and we take it from there.”

“One has to be fully aware of what’s gonna face us in the Asian Cup. Big stadium, big crowd, China are a top team in the region and it’s gonna be very very tough and those are the kind of games where we find out how good we are or how far we have to go.”

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