Indian Football News: Arsenal FC legend Robert Pires feels ISL football needs to grow at a faster pace

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Hero Indian Super League Football, Indian Football League, Hero Indian Super League 2018, Hero Super League 2018, Indian Football News, Indian Football latest news

Arsenal FC legend Robert Pires, who has also done a stint in the Hero Indian Super League football for FC Goa, spoke about the progress that the top top-tier of Indian football league has made in five years, and made waves in Indian football latest news when he said that the growth was not as much as one would expect from the top-tier of professional football.

Robert Pires had signed for FC Goa in the inaugural edition of Hero Indian Super League football, which was launched in 2014. However, who had won the World Cup for his France national team, announced retirement after spending a year with the Gaurs.

Speaking as the La Liga ambassador, Robert Pires spoke about the growth that Hero Indian Super League football has undergone, and said, as reported in latest Indian football news by the Times of India,

“I think it is the same because you need to experiment with other footballing philosophies to strengthen the base. They need an Italian, French or maybe a Spanish or Portuguese to introduce them to other philosophies which will help the ISL to grow.”

However, despite of giving that account, the 44-year-old remained optimistic about the future that the Hero Super League holds, saying that the top tier of India football needed to maintain a perfect balance between coaching and training.

As reported in latest Indian football news, Pires said, “India has a good future ahead but they need good academies, coaching and training to move forward. The mix of all these can lead to maybe an Indian playing in La Liga one day and that sort of progress is very important for development of football.”

Indian football latest news: Playing friendlies with teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona should be the aim, says Robert Pires

Speaking about how the Indian Super League can grow more, moving forward, Robert Pires suggested having more preseason and other friendlies like we saw this year, for example when Kerala Blasters faced La Liga side Girona and Australian A-League side Melbourne City FC. As reported in Indian football news, Robert Pires said,

“It is a good start. Girona – I know it’s not the best team in La Liga – coming and playing it’s season friendly against Kerala is great. It can help Indian football. Get some good teams here. And if things go like this, 2-3 years down the line we can expect top sides like Barcelona and Real Madrid.”

Another development that is making waves in Indian football latest news, is the fact that La Liga training schools are being launched across India, in states such as Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kochi, Kerala, Kolkata and New Delhi. Robert Pires, who inaugurated La Liga’s first football school in India, said,

“La Liga football schools is an excellent initiative to help develop the game in India. It will give access to the world’s best curriculum and facilities to young children in the country who want to pursue football.”

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