Indian Football News: East Bengal FC announce the exit of Technical Director Subhash Bhowmick ahead of I-League 2018-19 season

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I-League outfit East Bengal FC made waves in Indian football latest news when they officially announced the exit of their Technical Director Subhas Bhowmick on Tuesday (25 September) through an official statement. East Bengal FC can be termed as the giants of the I-League, i.e. top-tier of India football, and have been making moves to take over the league, and if possible, even make a shift to the Indian Super League. Be it signing overseas players or signing deals with new sponsors, EBFC have been at the headlines of the Indian football news of late, and the resignation of Bhowmick is another case in the point.

Subhash Bhowmick has been both, a former football player and a coach at East Bengal FC, and was appointed by the I-League outfit as their ‘Technical Director’ on 12th March, earlier this year, something that had sent waves in latest Indian football news or football news India.

What couldn’t work for Bhowmick was the fact that despite of his familiarity with the club and his re-introduction into the setup, the I-League giants East Bengal FC could only manage a fourth-place finish in the last edition, having ended as runner-ups in the inaugural edition of the Super Cup. It was a hard-hit taken by EBFC, which had also stirred up the Indian football latest news or football news India.

Indian football latest news: AIFF had instructed that the Technical Directors needed to hold the ‘A’ license to continue in I-League 2018-19 season

As reported in Indian football latest news by Goal, EBFC confirmed Subhash Bhowmick’s exit in an official statement, which informed the real reason behind the move. The statement read,

“East Bengal Club (“Club”) would like to officially communicate that Mr. Subhas Bhowmick has officially resigned from the services of the Club. Club had appointed Mr.Bhowmick as its Technical Director for the football season 2018-19, however, a few weeks ago the AIFF (All India Football Federation) made it clear that the Technical Directors also needed to hold the ‘A’ license to continue in their present positions.”

“Under this scenario, the Club had no option but to avail the services of licensed coaches for the ensuing I- League. Keeping in mind the long-standing association and value brought by Mr Bhowmik, the Club had approached him to take on the role of a Technical Advisor to the Club, which he refused to take up on a professional basis but has assured the Club that he will advise whenever the need arises.”

After officially handing in his resignation papers, Subhash Bhowmick had a couple words to say in honour of the I-League outfit, that he holds so dear to his heart. As reported in Indian football news or football news India, Bhowmick said,

“It has been a wonderful and inspiring journey at East Bengal Club and even though I am leaving, I only wish the club success in all endeavours ahead.”

On the other hand, East Bengal FC’s General Secretary Kalyan Majumdar spoke about the contribution that Subhash Bhowmick has done for the club, and made waves in Indian football latest news when he said,

“East Bengal club recognizes Mr.Subhas Bhowmick as a club legend, an icon who has contributed to the Club’s success both as a player and as a coach continuously over the last 49 years and wishes him the best of health and success for the future.”

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