Latest Man United News: Andreas Pereira to decide between Belgium and Brazil

Andreas Pereira has offers from Belgium and Brazil to decide over his international future. Pereira wants to play for Brazil
  • Andreas Pereira will soon be offered an international call-up by Belgium
  • Pereira was born in Belgium but has Brazilian parents making him eligible to play for both teams

In today’s latest Man United news, Andreas Pereira’s stock continues to rise this season after the Belgian born midfielder is likely to play a major part for Jose Mourinho’s team this season. Pereira made his first Premier League start for Manchester United in their 2-1 win and according to reports from Brazilian journal UOL, Belgium’s national team manager Roberto Martinez was in attendance for the Man United vs Leicester match and is likely to offer a Belgian call-up to Andreas Pereira. The 22-year-old has to choose between Belgium and Brazil given the fact Pereira has Brazilian parents but he was born in Belgium. Andreas Pereria Belgium links have surfaced after the player’s representation for Belgium’s U-15, U-16 and U-17 teams, but then changed teams, and played for Brazil’s U-20 and U-23 teams.

Andreas Pereira to chose between Belgium and Brazil

Andreas Pereira was on loan with Valencia last season where he enjoyed a successful campaign and now he has been entrusted with a regular place in Manchester United’s midfield this season. Pereira’s adaptability has impressed both Mourinho and Roberto Martinez after the Belgian played on the right-wing for Valencia but has been moved to a holding midfielder’s duty during the Pre-season for Man United. Mourinho decided to use Pereira in his new-found role against Leicester and the 22-year-old did very well and won a lot of plaudits.

According to reports from UOL, Andreas Pereira Belgium links could be soon over as the player wants to play for Brazil and could wait for Brazil’s manager Tite to decide on his future. As per UOL, Tite and Brazil’s management are not willing to give away any new names for selection until next month which could give Belgium the edge in convincing Andreas Pereira to chose Belgium over Brazil. If Pereira was to pick Belgium ahead of Brazil, the Samba team would see another player change their allegiance after Jorginho opted to play for Italy instead of his hometown as he was not convinced of getting a regular playing time.

Andreas Pereira and Belgian connection at Man United

If Andreas Pereira ends up playing for Belgium he would have Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku to partner with at the senior national side and it can only be a good sign for Jose Mourinho and Manchester United where a healthy bond between the key players will enable the team to gel well and play effective football this season. According to reports, we are likely to see an end to Andreas Pereira’s international commitment very soon as Belgium and Brazil are fighting to convince the 22-year-old Manchester United midfielder.

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