Paul Pogba Transfer News: Man United star shares a cryptic message amid Barcelona links

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  • Can Barcelona still sign French star Paul Pogba this summer?
  • The 25-year-old is said keen to leave Manchester United this summer as he is not happy with Mourinho’s playing style

It is not a secret anymore that Paul Pogba is not happy with his current situation at Manchester United as he is not comfortable with boss Jose Mourinho‘s playing style and general demeanour. All this while there has been constant speculation that Spanish giants Barcelona are interested in acquiring his services this summer.

Pogba posts a message for teammates and fans

Pogba started Manchester United’s Premier League season opener against Leicester City on Friday with the captain’s armband on and even scored the 2018/19 campaign’s first goal. However, in what can be termed as adding fuel to latest Paul Pogba transfer news rumours, the Frenchman posted a rather cryptic message on his official Twitter account after the game which has made it clear that his future is still out in the open and nothing can be ruled out at this stage.

“I’ll always give my best to the fans and my teammates no matter what’s going on. ,” the World Champion wrote on his Twitter feed alongside a photo of him celebrating the aforesaid goal with his teammates.

It is what he wrote right at the end is what will both United supporters and Mourinho as the words “no matter what’s wrong on” can be interpreted in several different ways. The common conclusion drawn out by the world is that Pogba is just not comfortable with his surroundings anymore and has his heart set on a move to Catalonia.

With the transfer window shutting early on August 9, the opportunity to bring in new players is now gone for the Premier League clubs. But the players can still leave until August 31.

There has been a lot of debate surrounding Pogba’s tweet in Manchester and on social media circles and many interpretations have been drawn out. The message was addressed to his teammates and club’s supporters but in no way to Mourinho or United’s management.

Barcelona still hopeful of signing Pogba

The Barcelona bosses, on their part, remain hopeful in case of Pogba. They have been in frequent touch with Mino Raiola, the player’s agent. But they are also aware of the astronomical difficulties in getting the deal across the line. The primary hurdle is Manchester United’s strong stance of not letting their star player leave at any cost.

The former English champions know that they will be severely handicapped in terms of playing personnel for at least until January if Pogba were to leave the club and don’t want that situation to arise. Secondly, if United were to hypothetically agree to letting the 25-year-old leave, they would ask for a considerable transfer fee which is also likely to be significant problem for Barcelona.

For the being, Barcelona have adopted the wait and watch policy. They are counting on Pogba’s differences with Mourinho, his frequent complaints to United’s management group and Raiola’s efforts to provoke a reaction from United. If it happens, the reigning La Liga champions will not waste any time in making a move.

Otherwise, the general consensus is that Barcelona have done majority of their transfer business this summer. Coach Ernesto Valverde has also advised the board to not wait for any specific player, as long as there are no further exits in the days to come.

The ‘Pogba to Barcelona’ chapter is not yet closed completely and the next few days might turn out to be rather interesting.

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