Latest Cricket News: Sunil Gavaskar rejects Imran Khan’s invite for his oath-taking ceremony

Sunil Gavaskar rejects Imran Khan's invite for his oath-taking ceremony
  • Sunil Gavaskar turns down Imran Khan’s invite to attend his swear-in speech 
  • Gavaskar is due to be present for the 3rd test between England and India
  • Navjot Singh Siddhu has accepted Imran Khan’s invite and will attend the ceremony

In today’s latest cricket news, former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar has respectfully turned down the invitation to be present at Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony, reports Times of India. According to reports, Gavaskar is due to be present for India’s 3rd test match against England where he is working as a part of Sony Pictures’ commentary panel. Gavaskar and Imran Khan played a lot of cricket against each other and have massive respect for each other’s personality both on and off the pitch. Imran Khan has sent invitations to a handful of Indian cricketers and Sunil Gavaskar was one of them.

Confirming his decision, Gavaskar said: “As a cricketer, Imran Khan has visited India a number of times. He has interacted with Indians. He understands India, so I have a lot of expectations from him as far as India’s relations with Pakistan are concerned,” Gavaskar told India Today.

Gavaskar also confirmed that he spoke with Imran Khan over the phone and congratulated on becoming the new Prime Minister of Pakistan and confirmed his absence from the event over a telephone call. However, one Indian cricket who has accepted Imran Khan’s invite is the former Indian opener Navjot Singh Siddhu who has a lot of fondness for Imran Khan both as a cricketer and as a politician.

Siddhu said: “Khan Saab even called me up inviting for the event on Friday. We chatted for a few minutes. I congratulated and conveyed my best wishes to him.”

It is expected that the likes of Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar will also get a formal invite from the great man and we will soon know if Kapil and Sachin will be part of Imran Khan’s swear-in speech as his reign as the prime minister of Pakistan begins later this month.

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