How to play Premier League Live Fantasy on Rooter

Premier League Live Fantasy on Rooter

With the Premier League 2018/19 season right at our doorstep, Rooter brings to you the brand new Premier League Live Fantasy game. Here, we list down all the steps that would require you to get started, and the steps that would help you play the Live Fantasy in the best and most efficient way possible. Let’s begin the walk through.

Step 1: Select your favorite match and get started with the ‘Live Fantasy’

On the football screen or the home screen, you can select your favorite match and get started with the ‘Live Fantasy’ game.

Tap the ‘Live Fantasy’ button and join the game to play with your friends.

Step 2: Join the game and select 4 players of your choice

Tap on the red ‘join game’ button, the next step would require you to select 4 players of your choice (2 players each from Group A and Group B).

Step 3: Play with your friends

After selecting 4 players, create your own private group by inviting your friends or join a public group.


Step 4: Get real time fantasy points

The actions that will reward points to your selected players and deduct points from them are all listed below. These scoring events will be shown on the ‘timeline’ of your group or your events screen in your group, when the match is underway.

Action Scoring
Goal Scored +50
Goal Assist +25
Penalty Won +25
Shot on Target +10
Shot off Target +5
Through Ball +5
Big Chance Created +8
Big Chance Missed -8
Penalty Missed -25
Inaccurate Through -2
Pass Completed +1
Missed Pass -1
Successful Dribble +4
Corner Won +5
Accurate Cross +5
Inaccurate Cross -2
Corner Conceded -5
Cross Blocked +4
Shot Blocked +5
Clearance +4
Goal Line Clearance +10
Tackle Won +5
Tackle won as last defender +8
Won offside +4
Foul Won +4
Aerial Duel Won +5
Interception Won +5
Tackle Lost -2
Player Dribbled Past -4
Foul Conceded -4
Offside -4
Yellow Card -5
Second Yellow Card -10
Direct Red Card -15
Aerial Duel Lost -2
Dispossessed -1
Penalty Conceded -20
Own Goal -25
Error lead to Shot -5
Error lead to Goal -20
Save Made by GK +5
Punch Made by GK +4
Claim Made by GK +5
One on One Save Made +10
Penalty Saved +20
Cross Not Claimed -4
Missed Catch -4
Missed Throw in Open Play -4
Six Second Violation -10

Step 5: Stay ahead of others in the Leaderboard

The group leaderboard and global leaderboard will show you where you stand on the basis of your scoring in the live fantasy game.

Step 6: Use Power-ups and beat your opponents

While you are allowed to make a maximum of 3 substitutions throughout the game, you  also have the unique feature to use power-ups on any or all of your players to boost your scoring and ultimately, your rank on the leaderboard.

Step 7: Recommended Contests and Prize distribution 

Participate in the contest matches and win exciting prizes. Perform well in these contests and beat your opponents to win prizes.

The fantasy games in the contest will have a set amount of prize that will be up for grabs for you and your friends.


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