Latest Ben Stokes Court Trial News: Stokes claims he was not drunk at the night of his brawl

In today's latest Ben Stokes court trial news Stokes has claimed that he was not drunk and did not make any remark towards the gay couple.
  • Ben Stokes has claimed to have not been drunk on the night of his brawl outside the Bristol Bar
  • Stokes claimed that he was neither drunk or made any remark towards the gay couple

In today’s latest cricket news and in the latest Ben Stokes Court Trial News, the England all-rounder Ben Stokes gave his first evidence in the ongoing trial for affray where Stokes told the jurors that he had only drunk beer, a little vodka and lemonade before the incident which took place outside the night bar. Stokes was present at the Bristol Crown Court today where he gave his first statement in front of the judge and the jury. Stokes swore on the bible and explained the events which took place outside the nightclub in Bristol. Stokes claimed he first had a beer at the ground before joining up with his teammates at the nightclub. Stokes swore to have not been in a bad state or bad mood when the incident happened and was later taken into custody.

Stokes claims he was not drunk

Stokes was questioned by Gordon Cole QC if he was drunk on the night of his nightclub brawl, to which Stokes replied, “No.”. Stokes claimed that he went inside the nightclub with his friends where he had 5 or 6 vodkas and lemonades.

Stokes also claimed that there must have been at least 45 minute’s delay in him having those vodkas and the brawl outside the nightclub. Stokes also replied with a firm “NO” on being asked if he was in a bad mood leading to the incident where Stokes was seen knocking out two friends Ryan Hale and Ryan Ali.

Stokes said: “We really enjoyed ourselves in there before and thought it was the best place to go back to.”

Stokes explains the injury to his right-hand

When Ben Stokes was arrested following the brawl outside the nightclub the officers on spot claimed that Stokes had asked to loosen up the handcuff which at the time was seen as a clear indication of Stokes hurting his hand in that injury. However, Stokes said that he has had several injuries to his right hand in the past and had to go through a number of operations which is why he asked the officers to loosen the handcuffs on the night of his arrest.

Stokes also claimed to have never made any remarks towards the gay couple while he stepped in to stop Ryan Hale and Ryan Ali from making derogatory remarks towards two gay men, Kai Barry and William O’Connor. Stokes said: “I stepped in and said ‘you shouldn’t be saying these things to these two men’.”


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