Latest Cricket News: This is Ashwin’s best performance outside the subcontinent, claims Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh showers praises on Ashwin. latest India cricket news today, latest cricket news live, cricket live news, live cricket news.
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India cricket news today, latest cricket news live, cricket live news, live cricket news

Team India’s tour of England is labelled as one of the most important cricketing projects for the Men in Blue, and after winning the T20I series and losing the ODI series, Virat Kohli and co. look in a decent position to claim the first Test, which is nothing less of an intensely competed thriller. The Day 1 and Day 2 of the 1st Test have passed, and after a see-saw of events, India have not yet lost the hold on the game. While skipper Kohli deserves all the credit to anchor India’s batting, Ravichandran Ashwin, on the other hand, is wreaking havoc on the England batsmen, something that has impressed Harbhajan Singh.

While Team India spinner veteran Harbhajan Singh hasn’t yet retired from the national set-up, he has been out of favour of the Indian team for a while now. And although he has the second highest wickets in Tests as an off-spinner, behind Muralitharan, the only time he is in latest cricket news live now is because of some or the other statement that he makes.

Ashwin is deceiving batsmen in England and it’s the best I’ve seen him bowl outside the subcontinent, says Harbhajan Singh: Latest cricket news live

Ravichandran Ashwin is performing brilliantly in the 1st Test, having taken four crucial wickets on Day 1 of England’s innings, and in the 3.4 overs bowled by India to England in the last minutes of Day 2, the off-spinner struck again and dismissed Alastair Cook in the same fashion that he had done on Day 1. Speaking about Ashwin’s performance where he registered the figures, 4-62, on Day 1, Harbhajan Singh showered praises on the 31-year-old and said, as reported in latest cricket live news by the Times of India,

“This is the best I have seen Ashwin bowl outside the subcontinent. He has done very well over the years but most of his wickets have come in the subcontinent. Wickets don’t come easy back home either, but when the conditions are favourable, you tend to get more confidence.”

As reported in latest cricket news live, Ravichandran Ashwin had recently spoken in an interview with the BCCI about how he had simplified his action to make the ball work more in the air and deliver better results. And this very fact that Ashwin wasn’t trying too many things and was sticking rather to the fundamentals, is what has impressed Harbhajan the most. Making waves in India cricket news today, Harbhajan Singh said,

“When you are trying too much, it means you are not doing enough with your stock ball. Here in England, all those carom balls and googlies won’t make much of a difference because it doesn’t spin that much. It’s crucial to deceive the batsman in flight if a spinner has to be successful in England and that’s exactly what Ashwin did.”

Speaking about the main difference and improvements that he had seen in Ashwin’s bowling, Harbhajan Singh said in latest cricket news live, “I think he is bowling seam up and there are more more evs being imparted by putting it more in the air and it leads to overspin (as opposed to sidespin where the ball curves away rather than dipping). It’s the best way to go about in these conditions, because unless you impart more spin on the ball, it just wouldn’t spin.”

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