Latest Cricket News: An unsanctioned league could lead to a ban for 58 Indian players by the BCCI

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  • Mauritius T20 Cricket League which started last year has been disapproved by ICC
  • Any player taking part in Mauritius T20 Cricket League from ICC member states will be banned from any official cricket events in the future
  • 58 Indian players are in danger of being banned by the BCCI if they again take part in the Mauritius T20 Cricket League this year 

Over the past few years, with the popularity surrounding T20 cricket increasing ever so rapidly, various T20 leagues have come up across the world. The sheer number of these T20 leagues has created a scheduling nightmare for national boards and ICC itself. However, apart from the scheduling of international matches, there is another huge problem that is keeping the International Cricket Council very busy.

Live Cricket News: The future of Mauritius T20 Cricket League looks bleak

Just like various legitimate leagues around the world like IPL, Big Bash, Vitality T20 League and Bangladesh Premier League, there are numerous leagues that don’t have the necessary permissions from International Cricket Council and for all intent and purposes are illegal in the eyes of the international cricket governing body.

Mauritius T20 Cricket League which had it’s inaugural season last year in June is one of the many T20 tournaments currently categorised as Disapproved Cricket by the ICC. Apart from players from Sri Lanka, England and Pakistan, there were 58 crickets from India that too participated in the tournament last year.

Cricket Live News: 58 Indian players face the danger of a ban if they take part in the Mauritius T20 Cricket League this year

As per latest cricket live news, BCCI has taken notice of the participation of 58 Indian players and following ICC terming the Mauritius T20 cricket league as disapproved cricket, they have warned all of them from returning to the league this year. Players who fail to adhere to BCCI’s warning will be in real danger of not being considered for selection in official cricket matches approved by either the national board or the ICC itself.

BCCI Treasurer, Anirudh Chaudhry spoke to Print about this issue and said, “This is an alarming trend and the situation has to be addressed and there can be no two ways about it. It is the purity of the game of cricket that is at stake here. The organisers of such tournaments are clearly attempting to play the game outside the sphere of the rules and there is a strong element of irregularity surrounding this.”

As per Chaudhry, the biggest concern right now is the fact that the broadcasters of such disapproved leagues have been consistent for the past some years. Mauritius T20 Cricket League was bring broadcasted on Neo Sports last year, a somewhat forgotten sports channel, which is currently making money through televising niche sports from America or Europe and some of the T20 leagues that have started in recent times.

Speaking further about the implications for the players, Chaudhry said, “The rules are absolutely clear, no player may participate in an unapproved tournament and secondly, a player needs permission to participate in a tournament outside India.”

After declaring the tournament as disapproved and not official, ICC has sent a letter to all it’s member boards to not give a NOC to a player who is interested in joining either in joining Mauritius T20 Cricket League or any other disapproved league around the world. However, even with BCCI not willing to give a NOC to the players, 58 players from India took part in the inaugural season, including a few former players, IPL players, Ranji players and even regional T20 leagues like Karnataka Premier League.

The Mauritius T20 Cricket League is a disapproved league according to ICC, as Mauritius is not a member of the international board and hence will not be eligible for their approval. A spokesperson from the ICC said, “We can confirm that an unsanctioned event took place in Mauritius in 2017. The ICC has already communicated to all its members that because Mauritius is not an ICC member, this year’s event will be Disapproved Cricket, and, as such, they should not release their players.”

Leagues such as the Mauritius T20 Cricket League are created with the purpose of betting, whether that is legal or illegal. For ICC, leagues such as these only have two purposes, first securing a broadcaster to televise matches and second tying up with one or two betting companies that will list their matches. The owners of the franchises in these leagues have a set playbook, through which they can double their investment to almost 300% within a matter of days.

As per latest live cricket news, BCCI will not be easing it stance on Mauritius T20 Cricket League, and any player seen participating in the tournament will be banned by the BCCI and will not be considered for selection for the future cricketing event.

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