Juventus Transfer News: Paulo Dybala feeling threatened by Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival

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  • Paulo Dybala is looking forward to working alongside Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus this season
  • The Argentine star is facing a make or break season at the club

After three weeks of post World Cup vacation, Paulo Dybala returned to training with his club Juventus on Monday (July 31). The Argentine attacker never made any attempts to hide his whereabouts during the vacation period with his social media feed full of pictures including those of girlfriend Oriana Sabatini.

However, it was pretty evident on Monday that Dybala had left his holiday behind and looked sharp in his first training session of the season. He took part in the customary drills conducted by coach Massimiliano Allegri with all seriousness and concentration.

Dybala excited at the prospect of playing alongside Ronaldo

Dybala’s close friends have revealed that the 24-year-old has re-tuned his frequencies for the season ahead and is very excited at the prospect of playing alongside the great Cristiano Ronaldo. Italian newspaper Tuttosport has gone a step ahead by stating that Dybala was hooked on to his phone for all latest updates surrounding the ‘Ronaldo Juventus News’ operation.

After following the deal closely earlier this month, July 30 was the day when Dybala finally met Ronaldo. The duo greeted each other warmly and had a brief conversation before posing for some photos together. In some pictures, the Argentine’s eyes almost seem fixed on the former Real Madrid superstar.

There were no signs of jealousy on Dybala’s part from what was visible during his first run-in with Ronaldo. Even otherwise, there are no signs to prove the opposite at this stage.

Make or break season for Dybala

While Ronaldo comes to Juventus having won every major club tournament multiple times, Dybala is at that stage of his career where he now needs to take up the mantle of leading a project. In the year where Juventus has raised the bar by signing Cristiano and look well set to compete in the Champions League, Dybala must also up his game and supplement Ronaldo.

The 24-year-old is aware of this need and certainly thinks that he has the potential required to reach that level. If he can exploit Ronaldo’s strengths and use them to fulfill his own potential, Juventus might well be on course to achieve something incredible this season.

However, if Dybala fails to do that, he will be confined to Ronaldo’s looming shadow and subsequently confined to the role of a squad player. It will either be heaven or hell. There are no middle ways and Dybala knows it.

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