Latest Cricket News: Dale Steyn picks England to beat India in the test-series

Dale Steyn has picked England to win the 5-match test series against India
  • Dale Steyn believes England will win the 5-match test series against India
  • Steyn has tipped Virat Kohli to achieve great things as India’s captain

South African great Dale Styen believes England will come out as the victorious team against India in the upcoming test series between England and India. Steyn believes that the current Indian team led by Virat Kohli can achieve great things but winning the upcoming test series against England will be a tall order for India and Virat Kohli.

Steyn picks England to beat India in the test series

Steyn was asked to pick a winner in the England-India test series and the deadly fast bowler picked England to beat the Indian team and thought that one of the teams could end up winning the test series with ease if they perform to their best of abilities. Steyn thinks England’s bowlers will be the decisive factor in the test series and because of the skill levels of England’s bowlers Steyn has picked England to be the winners in the England-India 5-match test series.

Steyn said: “India are becoming a very good touring team but if I have to put my money, it’ll be England. The England bowlers are a little more skilled than the Indians and that’s where the difference will be. It’s the tipping point.” Steyn added.

Steyn tips Virat Kohli to do great things with Team India

Despite picking England as the winner of England-India test series, Dale Steyn believes Team India can achieve great things under Virat Kohli’s captaincy. Steyn has played against Kohli in the IPL and is aware of the skill and determination with which Kohli leads his teams. Steyn believes Team India are capable of achieving almost everything with Kohli at the helm of things in Indian cricket.

Steyn said: “With the team being led by Virat, the Indians are capable of anything. I know Virat pretty well and he is a very determined character. The five-Test series is going to be good for one team. If one team is on a roll, the other might just be blown away. By the third Test, they might not even rock up for the fourth and fifth. If I know Virat like I think I do, it’s going to be a hard fought five Test matches.”

The England-India test series kicks off on August 1

The 5-match England vs India test series kicks off on August 1 at Edgbaston, Birmingham and the series will end on September 11 with the final test match of the series to be played on September 7 at Kennington Oval, London.  The 5-match test series is likely to decide which team is in a better position to dominate the World Cricket and that too in foreign conditions. England will be under pressure to ensure they maintain their position of being the untouchables on home conditions while Team India are ready to take the next step and become the invincibles of World Cricket by winning a test series against England.

Video – Watch the Steyn vs Kohli battle

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