Latest Football News: Newly appointed Italian manager Roberto Mancini talks about Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli and much more

Newly appointed Italian manager Roberto Mancini spoke to leading media house Gazzetta Dello Sport about all things football.
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  • Newly appointed Italian manager Roberto Mancini spoke to leading media house Gazzetta Dello Sport
  • The former Manchester City manager spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo, and the effect he will have on the Serie A
  • The 53-year-old also spoke about mercurial striker Mario Balotelli and his future in the Italian side

Newly appointed Italian manager Roberto Mancini recently spoke to Italian leading daily Gazzetta Dello Sport about all things football from Cristiano Ronaldo’s sensational move to Juventus, future of Italian football, Bonucci’s developing story from AC Milan and even the mercurial Mario Balotelli.

Roberto Mancini took over the Italian job in May, succeeding Gian Piero Ventura, who was sacked as the national team’s manager last year following Italy’s failure to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Speaking about his decision to leave club football and take up position in the national team, Manchini said, “Why the national team remains a point of arrival for any coach, just like wearing the blue shirt for the players. My choice of heart, I felt ready for such an important experience, we started a journey: we hope to bring Italy back among the protagonists of international football “.

Ronaldo’s arrival at Juventus is a blessing for Serie A

The Italian manager also spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival into the Serie A, following his record-shattering move from Real Madrid to Juventus. The Portuguese is expected to join up with the Juventus team starting next week, after completing his summer holiday following another successful season with Real Madrid and Portugal.

“Excellent for Juventus and the movement: you always learn from the champions and our youngsters, who are already in the national team, can only improve themselves by having the chance to face it, in short, someone like him is a blessing for A,” Mancini said while talking about the 5-time Ballon d’Or Winner.

Mancini also refused to hand Juventus the title, like many of the pundits, have done already. Even though the Old Lady has won 7 Serie A titles in a row, Mancini believes that Juventus will still face stiff competition from other teams in the league, who themselves have strengthened this summer. “And who said it?” Juventus is the favorite: he won seven league titles in a row and took Ronaldo, but in the championship, the champion alone is not enough, the last World Cup is a demonstration, and other big ones have also been reinforced,” Mancini explained.

Mario Balotelli has great potential but needs to learn from his mistakes

The former Manchester City manager also spoke about the erratic Mario Balotelli, who is currently on the peripheries of the national side, after going through a massive dip in form in recent years. While talking about Balotelli, Mancini said, “Mario has great potential, he can be as decisive as in 2012 when he brought Italy to the European finals, he is a complete central striker: he has physical, technical, shooting and head-on strength. He grew up, he is 28. As a boy, he makes a lot of nonsense, even I have done it. The important thing is to understand their mistakes, treasure them.”

Mancini will start his tenure as the Italian national team manager starting in October when the Azzurri’s take on Ukraine, before playing against the USA in November. Mancini will be hoping to bring glory back to the Italians, who were left heartbroken and shell-shocked following their failure to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

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