Indian Football News: ISL team Bengaluru FC refuses to send players for 45-day SAFF camp

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  • Latest Indian football news revealed that ISL clubs, mainly Bengaluru FC, have refused to send their Indian footballers for the preparatory camp for SAFF championship
  • Stephen Constantine shortlisted 34 players, 33 of whom play in ISL football, and showing unwillingness to send the players for the 45-day preparatory camp, ISL clubs sent shock waves in the latest ISL news

Making waves in the latest Indian football news and ISL news, some of the Indian Super League clubs have denied to let their Indian players leave for the SAFF (South Asian Football Federation) preparatory camp. The 45-day preparatory camp which is supposed to be run by the coach of the Indian national football team, Stephen Constantine, is going to take place from July 28. It means that the dates will clash with the preparatory camp for the upcoming ISL 2018-19 season, which begins around September 18.

The 45-day SAFF camp is set to clash with the preparatory camp for ISL 2018-19 season

The SAFF championship is set to take place in Bangladesh from September 4 to 15, and so, the alleged refusal on the part of the ISL clubs, mainly Bengaluru FC (BFC), to let their Indian players leave for the preparatory camp is set to send shock-waves in ISL news and latest Indian football news.

Sources in the know how of the ISL news informed Times of India that the All India Football Federation (AIFF) officials are supposed to meet in New Delhi on Thursday (July 26) to work around a solution so that there is no fall-out between the AIFF, SAFF on one side and the Indian Super League, on the other. As reported in latest Indian football news, there is a possibility that the duration of the 45-day SAFF camp could be shortened in order to assist the smooth functioning of the preparatory camp for ISL 2018-19 season.

India are the defending champions of the SAFF Cup, and chief coach Stephen Constantine has already shortlisted 34 players, comprising majorly of the under-23 players. Therefore, while there are hopes on the part the Indian team to clinch the 2018 SAFF championship, the refusal on the part of ISL football clubs, mainly Bengaluru FC, is bound to sadden the readers of the latest Indian football news.

While the shortlisted players for the SAFF camp are playing under 10 different ISL football clubs, only one out of the 34 is from I-League. What is noteworthy here, is the fact that explains the unwillingness on the part of the ISL team Bengaluru FC to send their players for the SAFF camp. The winners of the last season of ISL football, BFC, have the most number of players who play in the Indian team, and therefore, they aren’t happy with their stars being away for the 45-day camp.

Moreover, if you are a follower of the ISL football and this particular ISL team, you might already know that Bengaluru FC are currently playing the AFC Cup and have also reached the Inter-Zonal semi-finals where they are to meet Turkmenistan football club Alton Asyr FK on home and away basis at the end of August.

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