Latest Indian Cricket News: Sourav Ganguly sets a new benchmark for Virat Kohli

  • Sourav Ganguly challenges Virat Kohli to redefine his legacy by winning a test series away from home as the captain
  • Virat Kohli will be a great batsman and will continue to score runs wherever he plays, claims Ganguly

In today’s latest Indian cricket news, former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly believes Virat Kohli’s legacy will be defined where he takes the Indian team as the captain. Kohli has been a remarkable batsman for a number of years and has continued to score runs despite becoming the captain of the Indian team. The biggest challenge for Kohli’s team India to win an away test series like it happened under Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, and MS Dhoni’s captaincy. Ganguly spoke with Cricbuzz and Harsha Bhogle where he discussed on several aspects about Virat Kohli the captain and the challenges for Kohli’s side in near future.

Virat Kohli’s legacy will be defined by where he takes the Indian Cricket

Ganguly said: “Virat Kohli will not be judged just by the runs he scores, he will continue to score runs until he plays because he is a very very good player but Virat will be judged how he takes the Indian cricket with him. Hope he has the right people around to guide him and make sure that the life becomes a little easy because its gonna get even harder with the overseas trips the longer he spends as captain his form will go up and down. It’s only going to get harder hopefully he has people around him to guide him. That will be his legacy where he leads the Indian cricket as the captain.

Ganguly continued: “Virat stands up for his players which is very important. There were talks about the Yo-Yo test which is a very good landmark for Indian cricket. It’s not the only landmark for performance but I think it’s important you pass that because it makes you a fitter side, it makes you a side which is mentally stronger.”

Challenge for Virat Kohli is to win away from India

Sourav Ganguly reflects on his time with Indian cricket where he feels that it is about time when Indian cricket once again starts to win away from home like we did between 2001 to 2008. Ganguly believes Virat Kohli’s team will need to start winning series away from home to become the best Indian side of all time.

Reflecting on India’s record away from home, Ganguly said: “We did well away from home in 1986 didn’t do well after that, we did well from 200o to 2008 with my captaincy, Dravid’s captaincy and Dhoni’s captaincy in New Zealand and again we dropped off. From 2009 to 2018, I don’t think we should be proud enough to say that we have gone to Australia, England, and South Africa and won a test series, we haven’t. That is where Kohli is trying to do things differently to make the boys fit and make the boys tough.”

Ganguly’s suggestion to Virat Kohli

Sourav Ganguly was asked about if there is any suggestion he would like to offer to Kohli in terms of picking his teams and if there is any possibility of Kohli becoming complex if the team is not doing playing as per his standards.

Ganguly said: “It’s just the eye for good players, he is passionate and like any other captain he wants his team to do well. I see good things in Indian cricket, they will have to do well in test cricket, they will have to win a test series away from home which is the biggest identification of a team.

Ganguly continued: “You should not, I do not think Virat does that. I have seen serious players in Indian cricket with Gavaskar at his later parts, I have seen Dravid, Tendulkar, Sehwag, VVS Laxman, Kumble I have seen them all and captained them for a long period of time. They were serious players in the squad, Virat is the player for this generation.”

Video – Watch Sourav Ganguly in conversation with Harsha Bhogle


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