Neymar Transfer News: PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi spends couple of days with the Brazilian in Sao Paulo to keep away Real Madrid interest

  • PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi is doing everything in his power to persuade Neymar into staying at the club this summer
  • Neymar has been linked with a move to Real Madrid as Florentino Perez is keen to sign a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo

Leading Spanish daily AS is the source of latest Neymar Transfer News as the paper has given a crucial update on the Paris Saint-Germain star’s future at the club in its today’s edition. The newspaper’s report states that with Kylian Mbappe seemingly becoming an unmovable object at Ligue 1 champions after his 2018 FIFA World Cup heroics, it is Neymar who is on Real Madrid and Florentino Perez’s hit-list now.

Al Khelaifi attends Neymar’s charity gala in Sao Paulo

To keep the vultures away from his prized asset, PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi is going all ends out to convince Neymar to stay at the club this summer and beyond. He has in fact traveled to Sao Paulo in Brazil to accompany the 26-year-old superstar to his charity gala function. Basically, Al Khelaifi wants to reassure Neymar as he is aware of Real Madrid’s interest but also knows that the players will only leave if he so desires.

There is certainly no lack of effort on PSG President’s part as is also evident from his trip to Sao Paulo to attend the charity gala organised by Neymar’s NGO, which raises funds for children’s causes in Brazil. Al Khelaifi spent a couple of days with Neymar to relax the whole environment surrounding him.

Another important point reported by AS is that Al Khelaifi is very well versed with the need to massage Neymar’s ego and not make him feel inferior to teenage sensation Mbappe at any point of time. The 19-year-old has quickly risen to being a national idol in France as he led Les Bleus to a sensational World Cup win in Russia last week. All this has left Neymar being downgraded to the role of a secondary actor at PSG but Al Khelaifi does not want him to going to back to feeling what he did during his time at Barcelona where Lionel Messi was the central figure and everyone else was confined to his shadows.

Neymar will only leave PSG is he himself so decides and declares that he is unhappy with his current situation at the club. Al Khelaifi is not willing to let that happen at any cost and wants to keep the whole situation cordial and happy.

PSG bosses want to renew Neymar’s contract and give him a significant hike

Yet another critical issue which the duo are likely to have discussed in Sao Paulo is Neymar’s contract renewal. The Brazilian captain has only been in the French capital for a solitary season and did not take any further part in the club’s Champions League campaign after suffering a severe foot injury against Real Madrid earlier this year. But the PSG bosses are not worried and want to renew his contract, with the duration remaining the same until 2022 but Neymar’s salary going up considerably to net €37 million, a figure very close to Messi’s salary at Barcelona.

This is not the first time that Al Khelaifi has thrown an olive branch at Neymar. He allowed him to undergo surgery and recuperate in his native Brazil after the injury in March and even went to see his recovery process first hand in spring so as to also encourage him about playing at the World Cup. Now, the president’s gesture of flying all the way to Neymar’s charity gala and donating a generous sum of money after he was also present for each of Brazil’s matches in Russia alongside the player’s father in the official box is seen as a clear sign – Al Khelaifi knows that Real Madrid and Florentino Perez are hurting after losing Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus and will do everything possible to lure Neymar to Santiago Bernabeu this summer.

Further, the Mbappe situation has also complicated things between Neymar and PSG. President Al Khelaifi is doing everything in his power to keep the 26-year-old superstar in the French capital and keep him happy.

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