Indian Football News: EBFC official says I-League clubs play better football than ISL, leagues should merge

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  • I-League club East Bengal FC recently signed a joint-venture deal with Quess Corporation Ltd., in hopes to revolutionise the football club in the coming years
  • East Bengal’s executive committee member Debabrata Sarkar’s words made rounds in latest Indian football news when he said that EBFC wanted the top-two tiers of Indian football (ISL and I-League) to merge

Debabrata Sarkar, East Bengal FC’s executive committee member, recently spoke about the club’s new deal with Quess Corporation Ltd, and how it will work towards the revolutionising of Indian football, let alone the I-League. EBFC entered the limelight in latest Indian football news following their all-new sponsorship deal with Quess, after their 20-year-long deal with United Breweries (UB) had come to an end. Days after signing the new deal, EBFC official said that while getting promoted to ISL seemed important, what was more important was the merging of the two tiers of Indian football. Giving his rationale for the move, Sarkar said that I-League clubs play better football than their ISL counterparts.

As reported by Goal India in the Indian football latest news, Debabrata Sarkar spoke about the ceasing of their deal with the UB group, and the revival under Quess Corporation Ltd, and said,

“In the last 20 years, we were associated with a company that wanted to promote football. In May this year, the relationship ended. We were clueless for quite some time after that. We went into talks with a lot of sponsors and investors.”

“Mr Ajoy Chatterjee (East Bengal’s legal advisor) guided us and Mr Amit Sen (representative of UB group and former board member of Kingfisher East Bengal FC), a friend of ours, said that he has a friend who wanted to work with East Bengal. He wanted to work with various football clubs but somehow it did not work out and didn’t take shape.”

East Bengal is expecting a merged league, ISL doesn’t matter

The following words coming out of Debabrata Sarkar made perfect headlines for latest Indian football news. While there was an earlier report than EBFC would very much like getting promoted to the Indian Super League from the I-League, now the dynamics have changed. Sarkar not only emphasised that I-League football has a better class than ISL, he also said that the two leagues should ideally merge, for the betterment of Indian football.

However, he also added that if the Indian Super League were to reopen bidding for teams, then EBFC would not take any time to submit their bids. Sarkar said,

“This is not the time to tell whether we will participate in ISL. East Bengal is expecting a merged league. ISL does not matter. Clubs play better football in I-League than ISL. But again I repeat that we want a single league where all clubs can participate. If ISL decides to reopen bidding, East Bengal will definitely submit a bid.”

Debabrata Sarkar also made it clear that with the high aims and intentions that EBFC had, budget was not going to be a problem, specially after having signed the new deal with Quess Corporation Ltd. He said,

“They (Quess) are prepared to spend even INR 100 CR if required. Budget is not a problem. The entire expenditure will be borne by them.”

Speaking about the stability and longevity of the EBFC-Quess deal, club President Dr. Pranab Dasgupta said, “It is a marriage between Quess and East Bengal. I assure you it will never end in a divorce until I am alive and the president.”

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