Indian Football News: 19-year-old Aryan Gupta to play for Spanish Second Division club AD Alcorcon

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  • Indian footballer Aryan Gupta has been officially roped in to Spanish Second Division, after signing with the AD Alcorcon
  • He had been appearing in training matches for the club since 2017, and will no feature in official league games

While Indian football has been at the center of rather intense debates which swing between the progression and regression that the sport in India is witnessing, there are always some positive stories. On one hand, the narrative entails the Indian football team not making it to the Asian Games, and on the other, it speaks of Indian footballers making it to some of the top-tier footballing leagues in the world. The latest case in the point is of the 19-year-old Indian footballer named Aryan Gupta, who has been roped in by the Spanish Second Division club, AD Alcorcon.

Making it to the heartland of football, i.e. Spain, which has given birth to many footballing legends, Aryan Gupta is hoping to be better than any of his predecessors in Spain. The 19-year-old is well on his way to become only fourth Indian ever, to sign up as an official Spanish League player, and will be now competing against the best.

Aryan Gupta was roped in by AD Alcorcon last year, but hadn’t featured in official league games

Having been scouted by the Spanish Second Division club AD Alcorcon in 2017, and spending time with the club in practice games, Aryan Gupta would now be able to feature in official league games after signing a professional contract, as reported by The Hindu. However, he has been preparing for this for a while now, having played in the 2014 Gothia Cup in Sweden for Glacier FC, a youth tournament for clubs and schools from across the world. Aryan has also played in the CBS School Nationals in 2015 and the All India School Nationals in 2016.

Speaking about how playing in Spain could result in him reaching new heights, Aryan Gupta said, “The game is very fast in Spain and practising with better players always helps you improve. The people here have been very helpful in making us understand the Spanish system of football and make us comfortable.”

The International area manager of AD Alcorcon, Jose Antonio Gonzalez, said that the club had a clear intention of first prepping the foreign youngsters and setting them ready for the big stage before signing them officially. He said,

“What we really want to contribute to them is football knowledge and a comprehensive learning method. Players grow up much more and learn the European football concept and improve their skills training in Spain.”

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