Latest Cricket News: Herschelle Gibbs trolled after taking a dig at England’s World Cup exit

Herschelle Gibbs trolled after tweeting about England's WC exit
  • Herschell Gibbs tweeted about England’s World Cup semi-final exit against Croatia
  • England football fans trolled Gibbs over his tweet and reminded the player of his dropped catch in the 1999 World Cup final

In today’s latest cricket news, former South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs tried to poke fun at England’s football team after they crashed out of the FIFA World Cup 2018 but Gibbs ended up facing a lot of troll and hate from the football supporters. England lost to Croatia after Mario Mandzukic’s 113th minute winning goal in extra time putting an end to the famous “It’s Coming Home” trend which had everyone entertained in last 2-3 weeks. English football fans started the chant “It’s coming home” which became a worldwide sensation as many believed it was finally England’s turn to win the World Cup, however, despite a favourable draw, England lost in the Semi Final of the FIFA WC 2018 and Gibbs could not help himself and ended up tweeting, “England’s going home …again”

Herschelle Gibbs tweets about England’s World Cup exit

Herschelle Gibbs tweets about England's World Cup exit

Herschelle Gibbs trolled after tweeting about England’s WC exit

Herschelle Gibbs tweets about England's World Cup exit

In no time, Gibbs’ tweet became the talking point among cricket and football fans and one Twitter user, in particular, (Lee Tarbuck) trolled Gibbs over his dropped catch incident back in the 1999 World Cup final. Gibbs infamously dropped Steve Waugh’s catch in a crucial Super Six game at the 1999 World Cup match which ended up costing South Africa that game and later on a spot in the World Cup final after they lost against Australia by just 1 run. Back then, story unravelled that Waugh went up to Gibbs after his dropped catch and said to him “You just dropped the World Cup”.

Lee Tarbuck (@leetarbuck89) was quick to point that dropped catch to Gibbs and took wild digs at Herschelle Gibbs. To his credit, Gibbs took the trolls in a sporting manner and even replied to Lee Tarbuck claiming that he only dropped only 5 catches in over 350 international games and even though South Africa lost that match, but they lost against an amazing Australian side who then went on to win the World Cup. Gibbs received plenty of such trolls after his remark on England’s World Cup exit but perhaps Gibbs was ready for this treatment after he opened the Pandora’s box with his remarks on England’s World Cup exit.

Watch – Herschelle Gibbs drops Steve Waugh’s catch

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