Latest Cricket News: J&K cricketers need to perform better instead of complaining, says mentor Irfan Pathan

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While the domestic cricket in India is reaching new heights by the turn of every year, there are still a list of things that need to be done for further betterment. And while the first-class cricket tournaments in India, such as the Ranji Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, etc. have seen state cricket teams emerge as champions, giving rise to the promising stars who go on to don the national jersey one day or the other, some state cricket teams are still lost into obscurity. The prime example of this is the Jammu and Kashmir cricket team. And to change this reality for the better, J&K cricket had appointed former Team India player and legend Irfan Pathan as their coach-cum-mentor, something which is making rounds in India cricket news today.

With more than 4,000 runs in first-class cricket and around 400 wickets in the same, Irfan Pathan seems tailor-fit to handle the situation in J&K cricket circles. Speaking in an interview with Daily Excelsior, Irfan Pathan spoke about how he plans to take on the job that he has been given, with full force. J&K cricket recently organised a domestic cricket tournament in which more than 30,000 local cricketers have played, out of which around 300 promising cricketers have been selected for the state team as well, making for latest cricket news live.

Irfan Pathan on the basic requirements needed to overhaul J&K cricket

Irfan Pathan said that while there was no lack of talent in the J&K cricket team, the only disparity that he observed amongst them, in comparison to other more successful state cricket teams, was the difference in the winning mentality. Pathan emphasised that hopefully with time, he hopes that the experience of the J&K cricketers increases, which would provide a breakthrough for them.

Speaking about what were the basic requirements for the betterment of the J&K cricket team, Irfan Pathan said in India cricket news today,

“There are a lot of cricketers in J&K who play on matting pitches. And you see hardly any cricket being played at the national and international level which involves matting. There is always turf wicket, and the way the ball turns out on turf and matting, is completely different.”

You need to start thinking about the team and perform instead of complaining, presses Irfan Pathan 

While emphasising on the fact that there are other basic infrastructural requirements as well that are needed in J&K cricket, Irfan Pathan said that it is a time-taking process as there are many districts in Jammu & Kashmir which need to be targeted. Pathan also pointed out in latest cricket news live, that the process had already started, as there was a ‘screening test’ held for the domestic cricketers, as well as the Yo-Yo Test, which would bring to the fore where the J&K cricketers stand, as of now.

Pathan pressed on the fact that whatever the case may be, the fundamentals lie in playing as a cohesive unit, as a team, and not focussing on personal achievements. While giving a final message for the young and budding cricketers of the J&K cricket, Irfan Pathan said,

“It’s a team sports, so people need to start thinking about winning games for the team. I’ve heard a lot of cricketers here say that they have been hard done by not getting picked at the highest level. But, I believe that they need to perform better in order to get picked at the highest level. If you start scoring around 700 runs in a single season of domestic cricket, or around 40 wickets, then you will get picked. You need to start thinking positive in that regard rather than just complaining.”

Pathan said that hopefully in the coming future, a lot of cricketers form J&K would rise on to play cricket on International level.

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