Reliable Italian source confirms Chelsea’s interest in Juventus trio Gonzalo Higuain, Daniele Rugani & Alex Sandro

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  • Chelsea have been reportedly linked with the Italian Serie A club Juventus
  • Amidst the reports that point out that Ronaldo could soon arrive at Turin in what will be the biggest transfer move in history of football, Chelsea are looking to make power moves as well

While Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus is everything that anyone and everyone seems to be talking about, among the speculations and predictions about the biggest transfer move in history, there seems to be another burgeoning issue that connects Juventus with London.

Chelsea could sign the Juventus trio to overhaul their chances for next Premier League season

Underneath the waves of Ronaldo and Juventus rumours, or rather, reports, there have been stronger under-currents that make a connection between Juventus and the Premier League giants Chelsea. ‘The Blues’ are reportedly interested in signing a pack of players at once from Turin – Gonzalo Higuain, Daniele Rugani and Alex Sandro – but will first need to sort out their internal clashes, as reported by the Italian news outlet Gazzetta.

And although the Blues’ situation might seem a lot different than that of Real Madrid, the similarities are still there. Both the clubs have a very rich president, who seem to be facing tough choices and difficult situations. And for both the clubs, there is a similar broken relationship with a great winner, in the case of Real Madrid, with Ronaldo, and in the case of the Blues, with Alvaro Morata. The only difference is that Conte and Abramovich do not have a mediator as successful as Jorge Mendes, while Real Madrid and Ronaldo have him at their doorstep.

Another difference is that while Real Madrid have been vocal about the issue of Ronaldo’s departure from the club, Chelsea, in London, remain silent on their choices. The excerpt from Gazzetta, however, point out to a great possibility that Chelsea have a well-pronounced interest in Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain, and defenders Daniele Rugani and Alex Sandro.

Alvaro Morata’s departure from Stamford Bridge would give Conte the needed bank

While the influx of the Juventus trio would dig a hole in Chelsea’s bank, the Blues have a couple options to get out of the situation with ease. Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata has been linked with a move out of Stamford Bridge, and as reported by Goal, there are a number of clubs who would like to rope in the €70 million rated Spaniard.

Morata was a prized signing for Chelsea, but as he failed to deliver results that Antonio Conte must have expected from him (delivering 15 goals in 48 games), the 25-year-old could soon be traded out, which would give Conte the required cash to sign the Juventus trio.

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