FIFA World Cup News: Mexican newspaper shames Neymar after Brazil’s elimination

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  • Mexican newspaper ‘Record’ made fun of the Brazilian star striker Neymar on their cover page after the Selecao were eliminated from the 2018 World Cup in Russia
  • Neymar had reportedly had a spat with the Mexican team when he had said after Brazil eliminated Mexico, that they spoke too much which is why they were knocked out
  • With the dig at Neymar in the Mexican newspaper’s cover page, Mexico reminded the PSG star that they had not forgotten his words 

Mexico has not forgotten the what Neymar spoke of them after their elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Brazilian star had mocked the Mexican team after their elimination in the round of 16, saying that they talked too much, and that led to their World Cup dream’s end. This is the main reason why Mexico seem to be celebrating the elimination of Brazil, which came against Belgium. While some Mexican footballers had already sounded their pleasure after Brazil toppled out, such as Mexico captain Guardado, now the newspapers and media are coming out as well.

Mexican newspaper takes a dig at Neymar’s foul-drawing antics, labels him ‘fragile’

The Mexican sports newspaper ‘Récord’ showed a disrespectful image of Neymar on it’s cover page, and took a dig at the Brazilian striker’s diving and flopping antics, which were on display when Brazil were competing in Russia. The cover page shows Neymar wrapped in tapes that read ‘Fragile’ and the headline reads, “Neymar is going home, travel carefully.”

While the cover page of the Mexican newspaper reeks of disrespect to the Brazilian international, as reported by the Spanish news outlet, Sport, they went on to harshly attack his image further, saying, “Neymar did leave a mark in Russia – for its fragility, evidenced by the theater it showed.”

Neymar finds the loss a sour pill to swallow, but vows to keep on

After Brazil were defeated by Belgium in the World Cup, Neymar was found to be disheartened for obvious reasons. He had taken on the social media to express his regret on losing, where he acknowledged the fact that Brazil were in fact, too close to glory, but them slipping out of the race was the “saddest moment” of Neymar’s life. He said

“I can tell you that this is the saddest moment of my career. The pain is very big because we knew we could have gone far. We knew we had the opportunity to go further, to make history, but it was not to be this time. 

“It’s difficult to find the strength to want to play football again, but I’m sure God will give me enough strength to face anything. I’ll never stop thanking God, even in defeat because I know that your way is much better than mine.”

“I’m very happy to be part of this team, I am proud of everyone. They interrupted our dream but they did not remove it from our heads or our hearts. Thank you to everyone who sent messages and cheered us.”

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