Latest Cricket News: Watch Dinesh Karthik reveal how Rohit Sharma almost missed the flight to England tour

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Latest Cricket News Live, India Cricket News Today, Sports News Cricket

The Indian team’s ongoing tour of England which will involve a three back to back series of all three formats of the game – T20I, ODI and Test – has been at the centre of latest cricket news live for a while now. Having received a thrashing the last time the Men in blue were England, Virat Kohli and co. have a lot to prove this time around. Speaking in an interview show ahead of the England tour, batsman-wicket keeper Dinesh Karthik spoke up about Rohit Sharma and revealed how the Mumbai Indians skipper had almost missed the flight to England due to his forgetful or laid-back attitude. The revelation is making rounds in India cricket news today, and it’s nothing that should be missed. The video can be watched at the bottom of this article.

Rohit Sharma had almost missed the flight for England tour, reveals DK

In a recent interview show named ‘Breakfast with Champions’, Dinesh Karthik revealed how Rohit Sharma almost missed the Indian team’s flight to the United Kingdom (UK). Speaking on the show, DK spoke about when the Indian cricket team had assemble in Delhi a couple of weeks ago to fly out for England. And while every cricketer made it in time and with all the necessary belongings, Rohit Sharma came with his signature ‘laid-back’ attitude and revealed that he had forgotten his passport back in Mumbai.

While Rohit Sharma felt it necessary to remind Dinesh Karthik to not share this story anywhere, DK just couldn’t resist. Making headlines in latest cricket news live and India cricket news today, Karthik said on the show,

“We all assembled in Delhi and were supposed to leave for UK. Our man (Rohit) came chilled, having forgotten his passport back in Mumbai. It got delivered to him just in time, else he would’ve been left behind.”

However, DK was quick to ’empathise’ with Rohit Sharma and said that the opening batsman was not the only one to have a history of forgetting things, and said that DK himself was, too, very forgetful. He said,

“That’s one of the things I want to change about myself. Supposed you’re talking to me, I’ll just get lost and that sometimes comes across as rude. A lot of times I switch on my phone to do something, but by the time it opens I forget what I wanted to do.”

Rohit Sharma even joined Dinesh Karthik on the show with host Gaurav Kapur later, and said that there was a conspiracy at work. He said, “Everyone forgets their passport but these guys just make stories about me.”

While the hilarious story about Rohit Sharma was full of laughs and gags, Dinesh Karthik underlined that the duo enjoyed a great bond and friendship, and called the opener ‘a great guy’. He said,

“We’ve had some great times together. We tend to give each other the choicest abuses, making people around us wonder what’s wrong. But Rohit’s a great guy and I love hanging out with him.”

While India got off to a great start on the England tour, enjoying a dominant, eight-wicket triumph in the first T20I on Tuesday, they had gotten really close to landing on English territory without one of their star opening batsmen. It has often been revealed by either Rohit Sharma himself, or by other Indian cricketers, that Rohit has a hard time keeping track of things when he is off the field. And what Dinesh Karthik said about him became the highlight of India cricket news today.

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