Latest Cricket News: David Willey denounces the means used by Indian bowlers to disturb England in 1st T20

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  • India defeated England by 8 wickets in the 1st T20I at Old Trafford in Manchester
  • English all-rounder David Willey wasn’t happy with the tactics used by the Indian bowlers during the encounter
  • He criticised them for playing against the spirit of the game by stopped in their delivery stride at the last moment, disturbing the focus of the batsmen

India started off their 3-month long tour of England with a fantastic 8-wicket win against the hosts in the 1st of 3 T20I’s at Old Trafford in Manchester. In latest cricket news, Both the teams have arrived in Cardiff and are all set to go up against each other in the 2nd T20I tonight at the Sophia Gardens.

In cricket latest news, English all-rounder David Willey has accused Indian bowlers especially Bhuvneshwar Kumar of playing against the spirit of the game. He has criticized them for repeatedly stopped mid-run-up or just before completing their bowling stride to disturb them.

David Willey not impressed by the tactics used by Indian bowlers

Cricket News Today is going to be dominated by updates from the 2nd T20I between England and India but till now, we are sure this is going to keep the papers busy ahead of what could eventually turn out to be a very fiery game in Cardiff. Willey who was one of the few English players to have come out of the game with a respectable performance, both with bat and ball, will be hoping that he can contribute more tonight and hopefully help his country level the series.

Today Cricket News broke in yesterday’s pre-match press conference, which was attended by Willey. Speaking about the actions of Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the last over of the English innings and even Kuldeep Yadav, who pulled out at the last minute and threatened to run-out the non-striker, was according to Willey unnecessary and was just a ploy to figure the plans the batsmen had for the next delivery.

In Latest cricket news, Willey said at the press conference, “I think he [Bhuvneshwar] was looking to see what I was going to do. They did that a few times. The spinners did it a couple of times. I’m not sure what the rules are on that. I don’t particularly like it. I don’t think it is necessary in the spirit of cricket. It’s not my job to comment on that too much on what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Personally, I don’t think I’d do that. I don’t think it is great.”

Centurian from 1st T20I, KL Rahul jumps to the defence of his teammates

The antics of the Indian bowlers even led to a minor confrontation between Willey and Bhuvneshwar in the final delivery of the 20th over. With Willey and the English camp not happy with the tactics used in the 1st T20, it’s but natural that the Indian camp has come out in full support of the Indian bowling unit.

In latest India cricket news, KL Rahul, who scored a fantastic century in the 1st T20I, his second overall, came out in the defence of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Kuldeep Yadav. He said, “It will frustrate me as a batsman. It did I guess frustrate the English batsmen but the margin for error for bowlers in T20 cricket is very little. So whatever tactics they can come up with and whatever they try to do to upset the batsmen is only fair.”

The 2nd T20I at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff will start at 10:00 PM and Captain Virat Kohli will be hoping to seal the series right here, and maybe experimenting a bit in the 3rd T20I.

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