India Cricket News: When Virat Kohli convinced Shikhar Dhawan to celebrate for a century on 99 runs

  • Shikhar Dhawan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar came on an interview show and shared fond memories from one of their cricketing tours
  • Dhawan explained how once while batting against New Zealand, on 99 runs, Virat Kohli convinced him that he had scored a century, resulting in Dhawan celebrating in front of the audiences and getting embarrassed

Team India are currently on a tour of England which involves series of all the three formats of cricket, starting with a three-match T20 series and ending with a five-match Test series. Indian cricketers Shikhar Dhawan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar came on an interview show called ‘What the Duck’ prior to the series, and shared fond memories of the Indian team dressing room and their cricketing encounters. Speaking of such an incident Shikhar Dhawan revealed how he got embarrassed in front of television cameras and audiences, when skipper Virat Kohli convinced him to celebrate for a century on 99 runs.

Kohli made Dhawan celebrate his century twice, once when he was on 99, and then when he actually crossed 100

Speaking about Team India’s tour of New Zealand, Shikhar Dhawan recalled a moment when he was batting at the crease along with Virat Kohli. Dhawan explained the scenario and said,

“I was batting at 93 with Virat Kohli, and I had hit a six. So, I knew that I was on 99. But Virat (Kohli) told me from the non-striker’s end that I had completed a century and told me celebrate it. I disagreed and said that I was still on 99, but as he insisted, I believed him.”

As the knock by Shikhar Dhawan had come after a long time, he was quite happy, and so what happened next will definitely go down in Indian cricket history as one of the funniest moments. And while Dhawan acknowledged it as well, he emphasised on the fact that it was equally embarrassing for him. He said,

“I had scored such runs after a long time, and so I celebrated it by joining my hands and thanking God. Then I did my whole signature style that I usually do when I score centuries. Then it was announced that I was still on 99.”

Dhawan said that he told Virat Kohli what a blunder the skipper had made him do. He said,

“I told Virat ‘you made me feel embarrassed in front of everyone’, and Virat was laughing from the non-striker’s end. Commentators were making fun of me because they didn’t know that Virat had caused the confusion, and they only thought that it was me who had forgotten.”

Watch: Shikhar & Bhuvaneshwar | What The Duck

The host of the show – ‘What the Duck’ – made a case in point and told Shikhar Dhawan, who is referred to as ‘Gabbar’ in the Indian cricket team, that the commentators should have known that when ‘Gabbar’ celebrates, runs don’t matter, to which Dhawan replied with a laugh, and added,

“It was one of the funniest moments. I even scored a boundary on the next ball and then celebrated again as I had now completed my century, which left the New Zealand team in tatters. That was a great incident of that time.”

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