‘A bargain never seen before, at least in Italy’: Italian media on Cristiano Ronaldo’s €350m Juventus move

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo recently hinted at a probable fall-out with the Real Madrid bosses, which set in motion thousands of rumours that the star could be moving out of the biggest club at the last leg of his career
  • With reports in the Italian media suggesting that Juventus are preparing to rope in CR7, for a deal that would involve a transfer fee worth over 350 million euros, the standards and bars set so far in the footballing world are certain to get shattered

A bargain is on it’s way of materialising in Italy that has never been seen before, as it involves Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and whole lot of money. After Neymar became the most expensive player in the world when PSG bought him for €222 million, Ronaldo’s move to Serie A club Juventus which has been picking up fire of late, can be the biggest trade move ever seen in the terms of transfer fee, player status and what not.

Juventus preparing for a move worth over 350 million euros, to rope in Ronaldo at the last stage of his career

Buying Cristiano Ronaldo has become a mammoth task, which would seem impossible more often than not, but Juventus is ready to try their luck. A trade move which will be worth over 350 million euros, will be nothing that any club or player has ever come even close to. And this story could become one of the biggest moves in recent history, as it involves one of the two best footballers in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is looking at probably the last contract and transfer move of his career at the age of 33 (also the biggest); the most powerful and successful player agents of all, Jorge Mendes; the biggest football club that seems to enjoy dominance over world football, Real Madrid; and the largest football club in the Italian Serie A, Juventus.

As reported by the Italian news outlet, La Gazzetta dello Sport, there have been no negotiations made so far in the regard, but Juventus have made it clear that if they set on the case of Ronaldo, there will be no backing off.

Ronaldo had hinted after Real Madrid won it’s third consecutive Champions League title, that he might move away from Los Blancos, having been disappointed in terms of his salary which did not look like the salary of the best player in the world. And there were some simultaneous reports which suggested that there was a fall-out between CR7 and Real Madrid boss Florentino Perez.

And taking the lead role of pursuing the case of acquiring the hot property that Ronaldo is, Juventus pose a serious threat to the football clubs of the world if they succeed in their attempts. The Serie A club which has been winning the league title for a long time, but have no luck when it comes to the Champions League, will be leading the case to win the Champions League as well, once Ronaldo enters the Turin-based club.

Ronaldo has become a player of such as calibre and status that he is almost untouchable , sitting at the top of the food chain, and the issue has spread like wildfire among fans, newspapers, radios, television channels and websites. But the most important highlight is that the first stage of a great dream has been set in motion with Juventus showing a strong will to acquire the striker who emerged out of Manchester United during 2003-2009.

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