FIFA World Cup News: Schmeichel demands FIFA action against Neymar after his playacting vs Mexico

Peter Schmeichel has criticised Neymar for his playacting in the game against Mexico and wants FIFA to investigate player's actions
  • Peter Schmeichel accuses Neymar of playacting and excessive diving against Mexico
  • Schmeichel wants FIFA to investigate Neymar’s actions against Mexico 

In today’s latest FIFA World Cup news, former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has demanded FIFA to investigate into Neymar’s playacting and consistent playacting against Mexico. Schmeichel labelled Neymar’s frequent dives as “disgraceful” and was amazed at FIFA’s decision of giving Neymar the Man of the Match award against Mexico. In one of the several attempts from Neymar to delay the game, Neymar reacted to be in a great deal of pain when Mexico defender Miguel Layun accidentally stepped on Neymar’s ankle bringing out a great deal of anguish from Brazil’s superstar. Schmeichel went on to claim that at the time he thought Neymar was dying given the dramatic reaction from the forward.

Schmeichel wants FIFA action against Neymar

Peter Schmeichel was a guest on Russian TV outlet RT Sports where he did not hold back his words describing Neymar’s disgraceful acts against Mexico and demanded FIFA to intervene and probe into Neymar’s constant diving acts against Mexico. Schmeichel said: “First of all, congratulations to Brazil. It’s nice to have one of the big names through in the tournament, we’ve said goodbye to far too many already.

“[Neymar] looked like he was dying. I thought he’d be put on a stretcher and put in an ambulance and we’d never see him again. I’d strongly appeal to FIFA, this is not something we want to see in football… We’ve got VAR, we must get rid of this play-acting.”

 “But my God, Neymar was even given the man of the match by FIFA, but we need to have FIFA looking at this, the way he behaved in this game, I can’t find any other way [of describing it] than disgraceful. Everyone who loves football, I was looking at Twitter, people are in uproar about this.”

Neymar led Brazil to the FIFA WC 2018 quarter-finals

Despite the media criticism, Neymar was the focal point for Brazil’s 2-0 win over Mexico where Neymar scored the first and then assisted the second goal for Brazil. Call him what you may but Neymar’s impact on Brazil national team is available for everyone to see. Neymar has 57 goals in 89 international games for Brazil and if he keeps scoring at FIFA WC 2018, we will see Brazil go a long way in the tournament and even go on to clinch another World Cup title. As for the point whether Neymar is a selfish brat or a misunderstood genius, it is there for everyone to judge and form their own opinion.

Watch – Schmeichel gives his verdict on Neymar’s diving

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