FIFA World Cup News: Messi receives shocking message from Griezmann’s brother after France eliminate Argentina

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Image Credit - Twitter @ Theo Griezmann
  • Antoine Griezmann’s brother, Theo, posted a message for Messi after France eliminated Argentina in the Round of 16 clash on Saturday night
  • The message which depicts Messi standing outside a pub, with Pogba, Griezmann and Mbappe stopping him from entering, has gone viral in FIFA World Cup news, drawing all sorts of response

While many people found it easy to criticize Lionel Messi for Argentina’s sorry World Cup campaign in Russia, we know that there is no denying that the striker will remain one of the greatest of all time. The 2018 World Cup in Russia saw Messi score just one goal for his country in four games, which resulted in the finalists of the 2014 World Cup slip out of the Round of 16 after France defeated them 4-3 in Nizhny Novgorod on Saturday.

Theo Griezmann sends a disrespectful message to Messi, draws heavy criticism from Twitter

However, while winning and losing is a part of the game, what has made rounds in FIFA World Cup 2018 news is the fact that the brother of France striker Antoine Griezmann, Theo Griezmann, tweeted a message directed at Lionel Messi, which drew much flak from all over Twitter, and if you’re wondering why, have a look.

Theo posted a photo in which Messi is standing outside a bar, which reads ‘2018 FIFA World Cup’ and ‘Quarter Finals’. And stopping Messi from entering the bar, are three French players – Kylian Mbappe, who scored two goals against Argentina on Saturday, Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann, who opened the scoring with an early penalty, sending waves in the FIFA World Cup news.

The bar (in the photo which went viral in FIFA World Cup 2018 news) also had a banner saying ‘Invite only’ which implies that Messi was not invited into the Quarter Finals. While all of this is already disrespectful in nature for the Argentinian great, another detail that adds salts to Argentina’s wounds is that Antoine is holding up an ‘L’ in front of his face, which means ‘Loser’ in popular culture.

The photo received heavy criticism from the International community and became a highlight in the FIFA World Cup news. It is worthy to note that Lionel Messi is left considering his international future after France eliminated Argentina, riding on the brace scored by PSG starlet Kylian Mbappe.

The Round of 16 clash saw Messi fail to carry his country into the quarter-finals, and considering that the striker is already 31-years-old, it could well prove to be the final World Cup for him as by the next time a World Cup arrives, he would have turned 35.

Watch: France eliminates Argentina 4-3 in the Round of 16

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