Latest Cricket News: Hardik Pandya interviews Virat Kohli & Team India on England tour

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India Cricket News Live, Latest Cricket News Today, Cricket Latest News, Sports News Cricket

The Indian cricket team has set off on a tour to England for a long cricketing series, which will include three T20Is, three ODIs and five Test matches, running over a period of almost two months. Every England tour that India undertakes is considered a significant period and it automatically becomes crucial for every promising cricketer to perform well, as coming back from England without achieving much has always been harsh for the Men in Blue. While this time the Indian team looks all set to take on England, a video became viral in latest cricket news today, in which Hardik Pandya was seen interviewing the complete squad while on flight to UK.

While usually, the interviews that surf up in India cricket news live are loaded with information and insights, this particular one was rather casual and quirky, and the major reason for this was that it was being run by Pandya and Yuzvendra Chahal. The duo were seen visiting to each and every cricketer, and the staff members, with the highlight being of Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik, KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan, and Manish Pandey (which is why the video went viral in India cricket news live).

Let us get into what all peculiar conversations came out from the interview in detail.

Hardik and Chahal start off the video with an introduction in which they decide to visit each cricketer and/or staff member, and enquire about what they are watching, as usually the team members have to keep themselves busy on long flights. Hardik started off the video by saying, “Hello everyone, this is Hardik and ‘Yuzi’, we are gonna take you on a tour and let’s see what people are watching.”

The duo then shoot towards the team captain, Virat Kohli. Here’s the conversation.

Have been to England thrice, but really excited for this tour: Virat Kohli

Hardik asks Kohli, “How are you skipper?”, to which Virat Kohli replies, “I’m good.” Hardik Pandya then explains to Kohli that they are trying to shoot an interview on the flight, and asks Kohli, “How excited are you for England?”

Virat Kohli replied and said, “I’m very excited. I’ve gone to England a few times before, three times. I’m gonna show the team around, especially KL (Rahul), he’s never been to London with the team, England in general. So, I’m gonna show these boys around and make sure they are nice and chilled out and relaxed when we play. Really looking forward to it.”

Pandya and Chahal then move on to Umesh Yadav, referring to him as the ‘Superman of the team’, before moving on to Jasprit Bumrah, who evidently has no clue what movie to watch. Hardik Pandya then moves on to Kuldeep Yadav, and asks the ‘chinaman bowler’ how he is holding up in the flight. When Kuldeep answers by saying that everything is fine, Pandya pulls his leg by accusing him of not gelling up with Pandya. To this, Kuldeep Yadav replies,

“Sabse toh baat kar raha hu main, Hardik bhaiya, aapko toh lagta hi nahi ki main aapse baat karta hu. (I’m talking to everybody, Hardik bhaiya, you always feel that I’m not talking to you.)”

When Hardik Pandya reaches to Dinesh Karthik, the wicketkeeper-batsman was laying back in his bed. Pandya climbs up over Karthik, and this is a view that you cannot miss if you’re a Team India fan, and asks him vague questions to which DK has no answers to. KL Rahul enters at this point, and makes fun of Pandya having no clue how to go about the interview, but acknowledges that it is the opening batsman’s first time in England, and so is excited.

MS Dhoni being the ‘captain cool’ he is

The key highlight was when Pandya visits MS Dhoni, and knowing the former ‘captain cool’, he gives no importance to the silliness, and gestures Pandya to move along, but only after handing him a biscuit.

Later, Shikhar Dhawan is seen in the video calling MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli – “mere do anmol ratan (my two priceless gems)”, and pans the camera at the duo, on which note the video ends.

Watch the video below:

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