FIFA World Cup News: ‘We do not like Ronaldo’, reads a Uruguayan newspaper ahead of Round of 16 clash

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Latest football news, football latest news, FIFA World Cup 2018 News, FIFA World Cup news 2018

Uruguay and Portugal are set to face each other on June 30 in the Round of 16 clash of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and a Uruguayan newspaper printed something about Cristiano Ronaldo that is spreading in the latest football news & FIFA World Cup news like wildfire. The newspaper named El Pais, explained what an average Uruguayan would feel about the Portugal striker, but in the most astonishing fashion. The starting lines read, “Never has a footballer represented so well, everything a Uruguayan man hates in a human being, like Cristiano Ronaldo,”. However, what seems to be a hate-mongering message at first, soon takes a sweet twist.

The newspaper starts by pointing out the relatively negative qualities that Ronaldo has, but soon change their rhetoric to an appraisal of the Real Madrid star, and it is what every football fan would love to read, especially after it went viral in FIFA World Cup 2018 news. The newspaper read, as reported by Portuguese news outlet Ojogo,

“Cristiano Ronaldo is vain, arrogant, narcissistic, has been saved from various sanctions for unsportsmanlike conduct just for being who we are and we Uruguayans hate everything he represents.” Here is when the narrative changes into appraisal of Ronaldo, who has already bagged 4 goals in the 2018 World Cup group-stage, and is ready to take on Uruguay in the Round of 16 opener on Saturday.

“We hate Ronaldo so much that we admire him”

The lines in the Uruguayan newspaper continued to be a treat for FIFA World Cup 2018 news, when the authors went on, “He is also an elite athlete, a talent few have ever seen in history of football, an example of overcoming and striving to achieve the goals that a human being yearns for years, and we also hate him for it. We hate him so much that we admire him”, can read in the same extensive text, a kind of self of contrition of a people that learned to be rival of Argentina, but that even this is able to put in question.

In the text which is a sort of a declaration of hatred and love for Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese captain ends up being compared to an ‘villainous’ Star Wars character, who is nonetheless one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful. The authors of the Uruguayan newspaper wrote,

“If Star Wars were a football game, Cristiano Ronaldo would be Darth Vader, an immense presence that it is impossible to avoid looking at, which makes us afraid and at the same time we want him to suffer and stay a bit longer on the screen. It is the best enemy that football can give us.”

Finally, in a concluding paragraph which sums up the story of Ronaldo who made his mark in International football through the stage of Manchester UnitedEl Pais goes,

“Cristiano Ronaldo is right, he is the best athlete that football has ever seen and every time we think his career is exhausted, he gets better and better. Ronaldo, this machine to break records and earn millions of dollars with each yellow he sees to take off his shirt, came from Madeira to stay in our retina, take all our hatred with one hand and throw it to the ground. That’s why we know it’s a real danger and we can not tolerate the idea of ​​being eliminated with the whole world seeing it. That’s why we have to win.”

Uruguay vs Portugal Round of 16 clash takes place on June 30 (Saturday) at 11:30 PM IST, at the Fisht Stadium in Sochi. Follow FIFA World Cup news for the result.

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