Latest Football News: Ex-Barcelona president Sandro Rosell prosecuted for laundering 15 million euros

ex-Barcelona president Sandro Rosell was prosecuted by the Spanish high court for money laundering. football latest news
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  • The latest football news has stirred up the Spanish football circles after ex-Barcelona president Sandro Rosell was prosecuted by the Spanish high court for money laundering
  • Sandro Rosell was accused of bleaching at least 15 million euros from the Brazilian Football Confederation and sports brand, Nike
  • The football latest news has also revealed that the magistrate of the Spanish high court has also prosecuted Rosell’s wife and lawyer, among three others

The judge of the ‘Audiencia Nacional’, which is the highest form of judiciary in Spain, overlooking international crimes in all of the Spanish territory, Carmen Lamela, has decided to prosecute former president of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell for laundering almost 15 million euros from both, the Brazilian Football Confederation, and the sports brand and sponsors Nike. As it is being reported in the latest football news, the judge has also prosecuted Sandro Rosell’s wife, his lawyer Joan Besolí, along with three other people.

Ex-President of FC Barcelona, President of the Brazilian Football Confederation and others roped in the money laundering case

The magistrate accused Sandro Rosell and five other people from his entourage of crimes relating to criminal organization and money laundering. While the latest football news has come as a shocker, it is noteworthy that Rosell has been in provisional prison without any option of applying for bail, since May 2017, in the framework of the operation known as ‘Rimet’, as reported by the Spanish news outlet, Cadena SER.

According to the investigation which has become a hot-topic in the latest football news, Sandro Rosell and his group had illegally bleached a total revenue of 14.9 million euros from 24 friendly matches of the Brazilian football team, which also included some money that was to go to the NIKE sports brand. Allegedly, the revenues were channeled illegally through a company based in New Jersey, and were stored up in accounts in Spain and Andorra, that were linked to Sandro Rosell.

After the prosecution has been initiated, it now remains to be seen in football latest news if the concerned parties would request for an oral trial for Rosell in the Spanish court, for if that is not done, it would mean that a case would be filed against the former president of Barcelona.

The judge says that corruption emanates from the ill-practices prevalent in FIFA

According to the latest football news being reported in the Spanish media, Sandro Rosell had partnered up with the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CFB), Ricardo Teixeira, to divert 8.3 million euros for himself and 6.5 million euros for Teixeira, without the knowledge of the CFB.

The company which was used to channel the amount is known as ‘UPTREND’, which is a company based in New Jersey founded by Sandro Rosell in 2006. The company is owned by the Panama foundation ‘Regata’, which is also controlled by Rosell.

The money laundered in this operation had ended up in accounts in Andorra, and in the pockets of Teixeira, Rosell and his wife in Spain, through a total of five transactions, one of which was directed from an Arab Sheikh. The Spanish court’s magistrate labelled the incident a cause of the corruption that is prevalent in the mother organisation – FIFA.

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