World Cup 2018 News: Belgium stars to pocket £400,000 each should they win the tournament

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  • If England manages to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the 23-man squad will split a bonus of £5m
  • £5m pot for the England stars is much smaller than what their counterparts on Thursday i.e Belgium are going to receive £9.2m
  • Each member of Belgium squad will receive a bonus of £400,000 compared to England’s bonus of £217,000 per player

The 2018 FIFA World Cup group stage is coming to an end but the excitement surrounding the football’s premier tournament is already going through the roof. Late goals, VAR, numerous penalties and some world-class performances have made this World Cup one of the best in recent memory.

The fact that Denmark and France’s nil-nil draw yesterday (June 26th) was the first of the tournament, just goes to show how competitive teams have been to win matches rather than hold themselves back like in previous tournaments.

We already have some exciting round of 16 matches lined-up but England’s final group match against Belgium is going to be next clash of the heavyweights in FIFA 2018 World Cup. The winner of this encounter at the Kaliningrad Stadium will go on top Group G. Finishing at the top might not be that great for either of the teams, given how poorly some of the top nations have performed, finishing second might be more desirable.

England’s squad to receive almost half of what Belgium squad will get for winning the World Cup

As per latest FIFA World Cup news, Gareth Southgate’s team are going to be receiving almost half of what their Belgium counterparts have been promised if either of them goes on to lift the World Cup at the Luzhniki Stadium on July 15th.

Harry Kane and his team-mate have been promised a kitty of £5m if they manage to win only the second World Cup in England’s footballing history. That would work out to be around £217,000 per player, almost half of £400,000 that each player in the Belgium squad has been promised if they can manage to reach the Final and cross that hurdle to win the countries first ever World Cup. The total kitty for the Belgium squad is around £9.2m, much larger than shrunken English FA’s kitty.

Following England’s qualification to the round of 16, a £1m bonus for the squad is now available to be distributed among the 23 players but there is no doubt that their target will achieve the ultimate glory in Moscow next month and we can be rest assured the motivation for these players will not be the money rather glory.

If the English team had failed to make it out of their group, they wouldn’t have received any bonuses and it would have been the right decision given the teams that they had to deal with in their group.

Gareth Southgate to earn more than Roberto Martinez for taking their respective team to the World Cup title

Even though the Belgium squad is going to get a much heftier bonus for winning the World Cup, England manager Gareth Southgate £1.5m promised bonus for lifting the trophy is greater than Belgium manager Roberto Martinez’s £1m bonus.

Among the 32 participating nations, Brazilian players are going to receive the biggest bonus if they were to win the World Cup. As per FIFA World Cup Latest News, each member of the Brazilian squad will receive a  £750,000 for winning the World Cup, while the defending champions Germany have a kitty bigger than England but smaller than Belgium. Players like Mesut Ozil, Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller will receive a bonus of £350,000 if they manage to defend their crown as World Champions.

With so much money being promised to the players, it will definitely be a motivation but as we have learnt from past experiences, at the end of the day the feeling of being World Champions is greater than anything. The 1966 England’s World Cup winning team just for £1,000 for their achievement which is minuscule when compared to the amounts promised to current football superstars.

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