Football World Cup News: Doctor advised Maradona to go home at half-time during Nigeria vs Argentina

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  • Diego Maradona watched Lionel Messi and his team defeat Nigeria to book their spot in the round of 16
  • The former Argentina star was caught off camera in a bizarre state during various points of the match
  • He was helped by his entourage after the match as they dragged him to a seat inside one of the luxury boxes
  • Maradona has come out on Social Media and assured his fans that his health is okay and there is nothing to be worried about

Argentina national team led by Lionel Messi managed to scrape through to the knock-out stage of 2018 FIFA World Cup after being given a mighty scare by Nigeria. The Super Eagles to their credit gave everything on the pitch to become the first nation to secure qualification to the round of 16 but were left heartbroken after Marcos Rojo slotted in the winner in the dying minutes of the match.

One man who stole the limelight even from the great Lionel Messi

Over 60,000 fans were in attendance at the Saint Petersburg Stadium and millions around the world were praying for Argentina as the clock ticked down but one man in particular who stole the limelight even more than the players and became the focal point of Latest World Cup news following the completion of the match was legendary footballer Diego Maradona. His behaviour was bizarre, to say the least, and it started even before a ball had been kicked.

Maradona who has attended all 3 of Argentina’s game till now was seen dancing with a woman, who he had just pulled out from the executive boxes next to his seat but unfortunately, that was probably his best of the night. From there one, the night went in a way not many would have expected from one of the greats of the game.

57-year-old Maradona was seen in wild celebration after Lionel Messi opened the scoring for Argentina and moments after Rojo put the South American nation on the cusp of victory, the legendary forward was seen cursing at the fans below his level, he even showed them the middle finger before the organisers and the broadcasters were forced to quickly change the scene.

This World Cup Football News has left millions of football watching audience in shock. What was worrying about the whole episode with Maradona was a video of him that appeared soon after the final whistle had gone. He was seen being almost dragged to a seat in one of the luxury boxes by his entourage and later paramedics were seen attending to him. According to Argentinian paper La Nacion, Maradona was being checked for low blood pressure and walked out of the stadium on his own power.

The next few hours Diego Maradona was rightly trending on all social media platforms, some were concerned for his health after watching the footage, while some were just disgusted with his behaviour given that he is supposed to be an ambassador of the game.

Maradona didn’t require extensive medical help and flew to Moscow after the match

In latest FIFA World Cup News, The 1986 Mexico World Cup’s Golden Ball winner took to social a few hours after the match to justify his behaviours and assure his fans that his health was not to be worried about.

Maradona wrote, “I want to tell you that I am fine, that I am not and was not hospitalized. In the halftime of the game with Nigeria, my neck hurt a lot and I suffered a decompensation. I was checked by a doctor and he recommended that I go home before the second half, but I wanted to stay because we were playing everything. How was I going to go?”

Speaking about the videos that had emerged from the stadium and his actions that were caught on the live feed, Maradona further said, “I send a kiss to everyone, sorry for the scare and thanks for the endurance, there Diego for a while!”

Argentina will now prepare themselves to face France in the Round of 16 on Saturday at the Kazan Arena. The South American nation will be heavily reliant on Lionel Messi that day but you can rest assured that it will be another legend from Argentina who will have the spotlight firmly on him.

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