From Spain: Fed up of criticism, Leo Messi informs his wife the decision to retire from Argentina

Lionel Messi wife Antonella Roccuzzo knows about Messi's decision to retire from international football
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  • Lionel Messi to ready to quit International football with Argentina for the final time
  • Messi is growing tired of the hate from the local media and the fans after his poor start to the FIFA World Cup 2018 campaign
  • Messi has spoken with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo about his decision of quitting international football

In latest FIFA World Cup news, Lionel Messi is on the verge of quitting international football for the final time after he is no longer adept at handling the criticism and undue hate from the fans. As per the latest reports from El Confidencial, Messi spoke privately with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and shared how the burden of carrying his national side is becoming too much for him. Messi has even decided to retire from international football and according to reports, this time his decision is irreversible. Messi’s penalty miss against Iceland had put his team on the verge of FIFA World Cup 2018 elimination but after Nigeria’s 2-0 win over Iceland has given Messi and Argentina one more opportunity of progressing to the playoff rounds if they beat Nigeria in the final game of Group D later tonight.

Antonella Roccuzzo will be in the stands to support Messi

Following a difficult start to the World Cup 2018, Lionel Messi will fell at ease after El Pais confirmed earlier today that Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo will be in Russia and inside the Saint Petersburg Stadium to cheer for his husband, Lionel Messi. There have been several reports of a discord in the Argentina national side where players have fallen out with the manager Jorge Sampaoli and will pick their own team and will not involve Sampaoli in any key decision making for their match against Nigeria.

As per the latest FIFA World Cup news, Messi would want to put up a masterclass against Nigeria and prove all his critics wrong. Argentine manager Jorge Sampaoli was one of the first to wish Messi on his 31st birthday and rightly said why the media and the fans have been unfair on him during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Sampaoli said: “When he makes a goal with Argentina’s shirt, we shout and we celebrate it all. And when we lose, it seems that Leo is the only one to blame. It is unfair. Because it is impossible for a single player to allow you to change the reality of a game. ”

Lionel Messi wife Antonella Roccuzzo will look to be the pillar of strength inside the stadium for Messi in Argentina’s most important game of FIFA WC 2018 and if they manage to go through, it is high time for Messi, Sampaoli, and rest of the Argentina team to sit together and look where they have fallen short so poorly and how can they recover from the abysmal start to their FIFA WC 2018 campaign.

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