Latest Cricket News: Sachin Tendulkar reveals the ‘perfect recipe for disaster’ in ODI cricket

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Cricket News Live, Latest Cricket News, Cricket Latest News, Cricket News Today, Today Cricket News, India Cricket News, Sports News Cricket

When the ‘God of Cricket’ comes out to speak of cricket, it is imperative to take his point of view in account, as his words make up the latest cricket news. On Friday, Sachin Tendulkar came out and spoke against the use of two white balls in ODI, calling it a “perfect recipe for disaster”. The former cricket supremo was speaking in regard to the run-scoring fest that was on display in the England vs Australia ODI series, with the hosts England slamming a world record 481 runs in the 3rd match of the series.

The disbalance between the bat and ball worries Sachin Tendulkar

The days are well behind us when bowlers used to dominate the game of cricket, and batsmen used to be afraid of facing lethal bowling spells. Over the years, however, the balance between batting and bowling has become worryingly one-sided, and it has become a lot easier to score runs than it used to be even 10 years ago. The opinion, first conveyed by Tendulkar, is now getting echoed in the cricket news today with Team India captain Virat Kohli and Pakistan legend Waqar Younis strongly agreeing to Sachin.

Reinforcing the norm, the definition of a “good wicket” has become one on which runs flow freely, while the pitch which enables the bowlers to thrive is called a “poor wicket”. In the third ODI against Australia in England, the host team stormed to a world record 481/6 as they demolished the Kangaroos’ bowling attack at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. Resultantly, Australia faced a 242-run loss – the biggest defeat in Australia’s ODI history. The record-breaking feat has sent shock waves in latest cricket news and even India cricket news, as it has made the seemingly impossible total of 500 runs look achievable.

Worried by this lopsidedness, Sachin Tendulkar, who has been one of the most prolific run-scorer of this era, came out on Twitter and labelled the concept of two new balls a ‘perfect recipe for disaster’, and the word soon spread like wildfire in India cricket news today.

He tweeted, “Having 2 new balls in one day cricket is a perfect recipe for disaster as each ball is not given the time to get old enough to reverse. We haven’t seen reverse swing, an integral part of the death overs, for a long time. #ENGvsAUS.”

Impossible to extract reverse swing with two new balls, echo Kohli and Waqar Younis

White balls are the standard for limited-overs cricket, and they also tend to swing less than the traditional red balls which are used in Test cricket, making things a lot smoother for batsmen. It was thought that having two white balls per innings would aid pacers, but due to the reduced wear and tear, it becomes almost impossible for bowlers to extract reverse swing.

When Virat Kohli was asked to comment on Tendulkar’s statement, he agreed with the point of view, describing the current situation ‘brutal’ for bowlers. As reported by NDTV Sports, he said,

“I’ve read a lot of things about two new balls and I agree it’s brutal for the bowlers. There’s hardly any room for attacking cricket left from a bowler’s point of view if you do not provide pitches that assist them with the new ball.”

“I have played ODI cricket when there was only one new ball allowed and reverse swing used to be a massive factor in the later half of the innings which as a batsman was more challenging. Nowadays, I honestly feel that it’s very difficult for the bowlers with two new balls and if the pitch is flat they have no way out. Unless you have wrist spinners in your team which can do the job in the middle overs. Not every team has that cushion so they find it difficult.”

On the other hand, Waqar Younis responded to Tendulkar’s statement as well, also in agreement, and tweeted, “Reason why we don’t produce many attacking fast bowlers..They all very defensive in their approach…always looking for change ups..totally agree with you @sachin_rt reverse swing is almost vanished.. #SAD”.

The concept of two new balls in ODIs allows the bowling side to use fresh balls from each end. The concept was introduced by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2011.

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