Football World Cup News – Neymar embarrassed Costa Rica defender with his brilliant rainbow flick skill

Neymar embarrassed Costa Rica defender with his brilliant rainbow flick skill catch the Neymar rainbow flick gif and neymar rainbow flick video at
  • Neymar produced an insane rainbow flick skill against Costa Rica
  • Neymar scored the second goal against Costa Rica in a 2-0 win

Neymar is one of the biggest names in World Football and the Brazilian superstar is known to pull off an insane piece of skill or two and we probably witnessed the best skill in Football World Cup history after the insane Neymar rainbow flick against Costa Rica last night. Needing a win, Neymar and Brazil left it late against Costa Rica and it was Philippe Coutinho and Neymar who scored the goals to give Brazil a 2-0 win against Costa Rica. In today’s Football World Cup, we look at the biggest highlight of Brazil’s win over Costa Rica which was Neymar’s unbelievable rainbow flick skill against Costa Rica.

Neymar Rainbow Flick GIF – Costa Rica defender falls flat

It was 96th minute in the game with Brazil already leading 1-0 at the time, Neymar received the ball from a short corner and while it seemed no other way for Neymar to carry the ball out, the PSG superstar had other ideas. Unfortunately, Costa Rica defender Yeltsin Tejeda was unaware of Neymar’s plans and made a real fool of himself after being hit with Neymar’s rainbow flick skill against Costa Rica. Tejeda tried to salvage the situation by trying to stop Neymar when he had passed him but the defender only brought further shame to himself as he fell flat on his back and Neymar went away with the ball.

Neymar’s rainbow flick skill left everyone in the stadium on their feet and gasping for air. The entire stadium was awestruck by the audacity and execution of Neymar’s rainbow flick skill vs Costa Rica. Past footballers turned pundits like Rio Ferdinand and Gary Lineker were mightily impressed with the occasion and the stage Neymar chose to display his skill and once again cement his place as one of the finest players in World Football. The beauty of Neymar’s rainbow flick skill against Costa Rica was that while many might not think of doing it on World Cup and while most of the players do not have the skills to pull off a skill like that. However, Neymar did it all and execute it to perfection and marvelled everyone watching the game with an insane rainbow flick skill against Costa Rica.

The victory has put Brazil in control of their fate in Group E and have 4 points from their first 2 matches. Switzerland’s win over Serbia last night has also made Group E qualification a little interesting and Brazil will need to avoid a defeat in the last game of Group E to confirm their place in the playoff round of FIFA World Cup.

Video – Neymar’s goal vs Costa Rica

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