FIFA World Cup News: Neymar reveals why he cried after Brazil’s triumph over Costa Rica

World Cup 2018 news, FIFA World Cup news, Football World Cup news, Brazil Costa Rica, Neymar crying
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World Cup 2018 news, FIFA World Cup news, Football World Cup news, Brazil Costa Rica, Neymar crying

When Brazil took on Costa Rica on Friday for the Group E clash, no one had thought that the affairs that were to take place throughout the Brazil-Costa Rica game would end up being at the top of the World Cup 2018 news. The matchup was definitely a thriller, which saw Barcelona star Coutinho and PSG striker Neymar help Brazil nab an extremely important group stage victory over Costa Rica, and that too in the dying moments of the game. When all was said and done and the match got over, all the cameras and audiences witnessed Neymar crying in floods of tears, leaving the social media guessing the reason. But as 2018 FIFA World Cup news came out the next day, we learn why it happened.

Brazil were seen struggling all the while to topple Costa Rica but weren’t being able to convert any of their attempts, until Philippe Coutinho connected a Gabriel Jesus touch and took the score 1-0 at the 90th minute of the game, finally breaking the deadlock. In what had become the perfect platform for football World Cup news worthy Brazil-Costa Rica faceoff, 6 added minutes were given by the officials. It was at the 6th minute, that Neymar came flying into the box and connected another sweet pass to take the score 2-0, which boasted off the rich legacy that the Selecao have had in World Cup history. And what was next? Overwhelmed by the efforts and how they paid off, people could see Neymar crying in the middle of the field. Why?

So Brazil overpowered Costa Rica 2-0, but why was Neymar crying?

The win over Costa Rica is a welcome return to form for the Brasilians, as it was a disclaimer that the Selecao were no more interested in draw results such as the 1-1 tie against Switzerland that had come a week earlier. But as can be seen all over the World Cup 2018 news, the win was not something that the Selecao achieved easily, as the whole squad and especially Neymar, were seen sweating it out heavily in order to figure out a way into Costa Rica’s net.

After the match was over, and people were still fighting with the image of their favorite star Neymar crying on the field, the PSG striker took to social media to explain what had occured the outflow of emotions, and wrote,

“Not everyone knows what I’ve come through to get here. The cry is joy, overcoming. In my life things have never been easy, would not be now right! The dream continues, not dream, OBJECTIVE! Congratulations on the match.”

VAR Drama

The attempts had also seen Neymar trying to maneuver his way to a penalty which could give Brazil the much needed breakthrough, but all that it resulted to was some VAR drama, the officials nullifying their earlier decision (of giving the penalty to Brazil), and Neymar being the centre of much of criticism.

With the scores level 0-0 and 10 minutes left, Neymar dribbled into the box before checking back on to his right foot in an effort to get a shot away. As he turned, his man Giancarlo Gonzalez seemed to place his hand on the striker’s midriff, although briefly, which saw the PSG striker taking a fall, unfurling the VAR drama which is still making rounds in football World Cup news. The Brazil Costa Rica clash was a thriller, and it goes to explain why the 2018 FIFA World Cup is going to be the best event to have come in years.

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