Latest Cricket News: Yuvraj Singh reveals why he is rooting for France in the 2018 World Cup

Yuvraj Singh is supporting France and Paul Pogba at the World Cup
  • Yuvraj Singh is rooting for France at the FIFA World Cup 2018
  • Yuvraj Singh previously supported Brazil but with Paul Pogba playing for France, Yuvraj has switched his allegiance with the French side
  • Yuvraj Singh is a big fan of Manchester United with Paul Pogba being his favourite player

In Latest Cricket News today, Indian star Yuvraj Singh has switched his alliance from Brazil to France for the FIFA World Cup 2018 because of Paul Pogba. Yuvraj Singh is a massive Manchester United fan and his favourite player is Paul Pogba. Until the 2018 World Cup, Yuvraj had been supporting Brazil however with Pogba playing for France, Yuvi has switched his allegiance from Brazil to France. Yuvraj Singh will be happy with France’s win over Peru as the French side are through to the knockout round of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Yuvraj is hopeful of France and Pogba having a good World Cup and progress to the latter stages of the competition.

Speaking on his love affair with France and Paul Pogba, Yuvraj said: “Past few World Cups, I supported Brazil, but this year I am supporting France because it has Paul Pogba, who is a Manchester United player”

Yuvraj reveals the secrets of Indian Cricket Team

Cricket News Today, Yuvraj Singh reveals the secrets about who are good football players in the Indian cricket team and who should stay away from football. It was during Yuvraj Singh’s time when the Indian side started using football as a means for pre-match preparations.

According to Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli is by far the fittest player when it comes to playing football. However, Yuvraj reckons Virat is good at running up and down the field but lacks finishing. Yuvraj suggested that Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya are really bad at playing football and should stay away from the idea of playing football.

Yuvraj Singh also suggested that Ashish Nehra should never think of playing football as everytime he plays football, he gets injured. Speaking about the good footballers in the Indian side during his time, Yuvraj cheekily included his name along with MS Dhoni who by many has been given the tag of the best football player in Indian cricket side.

Yuvraj said: “Jasprit Bumrah shouldn’t play football. Hardik Pandya is a really bad footballer. He too needs to improve his football skills.

“Rohit Sharma is a horrible soccer player. He just passes the ball and then doesn’t move. He is always standing in an off-side position.

“Zaheer Khan is also like Rohit, barely wants to run on the football ground. Ashish Nehra, I would advise shouldn’t play football because everytime he plays, he gets injured.

So who is a good footballer according to Yuvraj? “Mahi (Dhoni) is an excellent soccer player.”

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