Russia’s President Vladimir Putin invites disgraced former FIFA president Sepp Blatter at the World Cup

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  • Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter arrived in Moscow on Tuesday (June 19th)
  • He will be a guest of Vladimir Putin in Portugal’s match against Morocco tonight (20th June)
  • He was suspended for 8 years in December 2015 but the ban was later reduced to 6 years. 

In latest Football World Cup News, Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter arrived in Moscow yesterday (June 19th) as the guest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The 82-year-old is expected to attend Portugal’s encounter against Morocco at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. It is being reported that he will also be travelling to St Petersburg to watch Brazil play Costa Rica.

Sepp Blatter not a popular figure in World football

Sepp Blatter was at the helm of FIFA for 17 years and was the President of the federation when Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup back in December 2010. However, his final few years as the President were marred by one controversy after another and finally, in 2015 December, he was suspended for 8 years by FIFA’s ethics committee, bring to an end in his 17-year reign in FIFA.

Even though the suspense was reduced from 8 to 6 years, Blatter hasn’t been seen much since that verdict but tonight he will be in Luzhniki Stadium on the request of Vladimir Putin, who is scheduled to meet at some time during his trip.

Blatter has never admitted to any wrongdoing during his time as the President of FIFA but the controversial awarding of 2018 Russia and 2022 Qatar World Cup put him in a corner, from where it was impossible to wriggle out of.

Blatter’s big hand in Russia 2018 bid

In FIFA World Cup News, Russian Football Union honorary president Vyacheslav Koloskov, who was a key figure in Russia’s bid for 2018 FIFA World Cup, is expected to meet with Blatter at some point over the coming days. “We haven’t seen each other for two and a half years. I have known Blatter since 1980,” he was quoted by Russian news agency RIA Novosti. 

Blatter’s arrival will definitely be embarrassing for FIFA, who threw him out of the governing body following a massive corruption scandal. The Swiss is still under investigation for corruption in his home country but is now expected to meet with Putin with his partner Linda Barras, who to arrived in Russia with him. Gianni Infantino, who is the current president of FIFA has categorically said that he has no comments to make on Blatter’s trip to Russia.

Infantino took over as the head of Football global governing body with a promise to clean up the organisation and eradicate any corruption that was still ongoing within the organisation. Upon his arrival at St. Regis in Moscow, Blatter spoke to the media briefly and said, “I’m not here to comment the game. I’m here to enjoy the World Cup.”

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