Spanish media: Florentino Perez and Julen Lopetegui allow themselves the luxury of betraying a country

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  • In latest FIFA World Cup News, Spanish daily Marca has opened the lid on how Julen Lopetegui’s sacking and departure unfolded on Wednesday
  • Lopetegui was sacked from his position as Spain’s manager three days prior to their tournament opener against Portugal

Come Friday and Julen Lopetegui will be watching Spain play their first match of 2018 FIFA World Cup against Portugal from the comforts of his home. His two-year long association with the Spanish national team ended at the door of their training camp in Krasnodar. In latest FIFA World Cup News, Wednesday (June 13) was a particularly hard day for everyone who has been close to the sacked trainer during his time at the helm.

The final goodbyes were said around five in the evening when Lopetegui went up to everyone and hugged them after the shocking FIFA World Cup 2018 News of his sacking came to light. He then left for the airport, along with his assistant Pablo Sanz, the physical trainer Oscar Caro and the psychologist Juan Carlos Alvarez Campillo who has been by his side for a long time.

“Win the World Cup” – Lopetegui’s final message

The 51-year-old trainer’s final message before leaving was the same as he has been advocating for quite some time – “Win the World Cup and let this make you stronger.

Spanish newspaper Marca further reported in this World Cup Football News that Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales’ office at the Krasnodar complex became a frantic meeting room and the president worked there until 05:00 in the morning of Wednesday, before getting three hours of sleep and beginning work again. Following breakfast, he met with some players, but went ahead and took the decision to sack Lopetegui as he was annoyed at the way Real Madrid and Lopetegui went about the matter. Later, the office had incoming coach Fernando Hierro, the sacked Lopetegui and several players going in and out at different junctures if latest World Cup news is any indication.

Prior to being sacked, Lopetegui had instructed his players to solely focus on the World Cup but the impending explosion was almost impossible to avoid and ignore. His assistants believed that even if there was no worse decision than to sack the manager just three days before the tournament opener, destitution indeed won.

After his sacking was announced, which made headlines in every paper and website’s FIFA World Cup Latest News corner, Lopetegui and his staff began the trip back home. It is further believed that the team that is responsible to organize the tickets and travel for Spanish national team had already made these arrangements, fearing the worst. Lopetegui told reporters at the airport in Krasnodar on his way back to Madrid: “I am very sad, but I hope that we play a magnificent World Cup and we win. We have a magnificent team and I hope that we win the World Cup.

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