Liverpool News: Doctor with knowledge of ‘Fekir’s case’ reveals to L’Equipe why Liverpool move didn’t go through

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  • Olympique Lyon, on Saturday, officially announced that the Nabil Fekir to Liverpool deal was off
  • In latest Liverpool News, an experienced doctor has shared his views on what could have happened and why the transfer did not go through

After a prolonged game of merry-go-round which lasted a little over 48 hours, the Nabil Fekir to Liverpool transfer saga finally seems to have come to an end, or so it seems. As noted by several noted journalists and newspapers across the world, Liverpool and Olympique Lyon had agreed the transfer in principal, the player underwent a medical on Friday and is even said to have sat down for an interview with LFCTV (Liverpool’s in-house media channel). Heck, he even chose his jersey number for his new club.

But somehow the deal collapsed. What happened? Well, nobody really knows but there are a wide range of theories floating arouprend to explain this complicated Nabil Fekir Transfer News saga. While Lyon only communicated that the deal was off, Liverpool, on their part did not say anything. Earlier on Saturday, Noel Le Graet, the President of the French Football Federation, also had his say on the transfer wherein he revealed that a medical had indeed taken place and the negotiations between the two sides were dragging on over some issues.

Reliable French sources have indicated that Liverpool had issues with the attacker’s medical report which showed traces of Fekir’s ruptured ligaments and the surgery he had back in September 2015. The Reds even sought a second opinion on the French attacker’s knee and were convinced that he could face problems in coping up with the Premier League‘s high intensity pressing.

A doctor opens the lid on Fekir’s collapsed Liverpool move

Sporting Director Michael Edwards is then believed to have proceeded to take advantage of Fekir’s medical reports and tried his hand at renegotiating the transfer price, which put off Lyon and the deal was off.  “When we have an MRI of this type of case, the first thing we see are the traces of ligamentoplasty,” a very experienced doctor who is not related to the either club but has knowledge of the Fekir’s knee problems told L’Equipe.

In this case, the wear and tear of the cartilage will undoubtedly pose a problem. It’s a risk factor. This can lead to pain, functional discomfort and possibly less shock resistance,” the doctor further revealed.

Fekir’s problems, who after his first operation in 2015, further underwent arthroscopy of the right knee last March following a shock in a Ligue 1 fixture against Saint Etienne, are clearly not negligible. As stated earlier, Liverpool tried to force Lyon’s hand into lowering their asking price based on Fekir’s medical reports and clearly failed in their efforts.

Lyon, on their part, were clearly taken aback by Liverpool’s renewed stance and pulled out of the deal. But the whole saga will also come as a blow for the French club as Fekir’s knee problems will be widely discussed now and might go on to lower the player’s asking price, even after the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

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