I felt attacked from Madrid, I knew the order came from Madrid, says Lionel Messi on tax case

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  • In latest FC Barcelona News, superstar Lionel Messi has revealed in an interview that his infamous tax case was ordered by Madrid
  • Messi also opened up about his special relationship with the city of Barcelona

Goals, victories and titles can coexist with moments of bitter sadness and disappointment. This is our life and also that of the footballers, including the great Lionel Messi, who is not oblivious to the vagaries of fate. Despite being the best in the world, the most admired and the most loved footballer of his generation, Messi has also seen a number of downs in his career over the years.

In a recent interview with Spanish publication Sport, the Argentine superstar revealed it all to make for some sensation Lionel Messi News. From the lowpoints in his Barcelona career to the infamous tax fraud case which made him the subject of all the wrong headlines.

Below are the excerpts from the big Lionel Messi interview:

“You have been seen crying with Argentina, has Barca ever made you cry?”

Messi listened to the question, processed it and answered. But at no moment did he reply with something he’d already thought about. “Yes. I have had moments of mourning with this club. There are many such moments in the years gone by. I remember the Champions League semifinal against Inter Milan. The semis against Chelsea, where I missed a penalty.

Those years we missed the opportunity to be in the final and to add to our Champions League wins. We deserved to win some more European titles. Andres Iniesta has even admitted that he went through a depression during his sports career,” Messi said.

When asked if he had ever gone through such a phase of infinite sadness, he replied: “I did not go into a depression like Andres did. Yes, I experienced sad moments especially when you do not achieve sporting goals, as I told you now. As in any job, when things do not go as expected, one suffers.

“My Tax case was ordered and executed by Madrid”

Counting the tough moments, Messi also speaks, for the first time, about being fined by the tax office, something he attributes to a campaign from Madrid. And he says it with absolute clarity: “There was an order to attack me from Madrid and to take advantage of a moment of weakness that I was witnessing at that moment. It was an order directly from Madrid. I knew it and it bothered and hurt me.

It is a rather strong comment, and the first he’s made on what he refers to as “the mess with the tax office” after many years.

On asked if he ever considered leaving Barcelona during those turbulent times, Messi replied: “No. It was a difficult year because I also had an injury in the middle. In addition, it was the year of the World Cup in Brazil. It was a complicated process because many things were said out of place but I never considered leaving the club.

Messi’s special relationship with Barcelona

The 30-year-old superstar also stressed on the love and adulation he has received in Barcelona, the city where he’s spent the most years of his life. “Even during the tax case, I was lucky to have the support of my people, of Barcelona, ​​of Catalonia, of the journalists here. This made me be a little calmer,” he says.

Messi is obviously very grateful and hasn’t forgotten who attacked him and who supported him during all the tough times. Maybe it is for that reason that he also confessed his love for pan con tomate, that his kids speak Catalan and that “in the first three or four years in Barcelona, I was just another tourist.

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