Experienced players struggle in England as conditions are alien, says Murali Vijay

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  • Murali Vijay is keen to do well in the upcoming five-match Test series in England, which will start from August 1
  • The 34-year-old said that scoring in England is more of a mental task than physical, as the conditions were alien even for the experienced players

Team India veteran Murali Vijay shined only a little during the CSK stint in IPL 2018, but plans to dominate England in India’s upcoming five-match Test series starting from August 1, 2018, when the Men in Blue will visit England. While that is a long-term vision for Vijay, the 34-year-old’s immediate goal is to have a good outing in the one-off historic Test match against Afghanistan, which is to start in Bengaluru from June 14.

During an event organized by his Tamil Nadu Premier League franchise Ruby Trichy Warriors on Thursday (June 7), Murali Vijay told the Times of India,

“The Test against Afghanistan gives us an opportunity to go out there and express ourselves. It will definitely be an interesting game and from thereon, the strategies for the England series will start. Afghanistan is a quality side and Test cricket as such is a test for any player.”

Scoring in England is a mental task, says Murali Vijay

Performing in England has always been one of the most crucial tests for Indian cricketers, owing to the alien and unpredictable wicket and weather conditions there. And as Murali Vijay had proved his mettle in the very same testing conditions four seasons ago, he believes the trick to dominate bowlers in England is to stay patient and back the skills. As reported by Cricbuzz, Murali Vijay said,

“Even experienced players tend to struggle in England as the conditions are alien. Scoring runs in such conditions is a mental game and you have to be persistent. It is important to bide your time, believe in yourself and runs will come. That’s what I have looked to do throughout my career.”

While Murali Vijay emphasised on individuals performing stronger mentally in the testing conditions of England, he stated that if the team doesn’t perform collectively, then individual performances won’t mean anything. He said,

“I have been telling people that it’s about winning more than individual performances. You can perform well but at the end of the day if the team doesn’t win (the series), then it doesn’t give much happiness.”

With big projects lined up for the India batsman Murali Vijay, such as tours of England and Australia, the Test opener said that he wanted to enjoy the game first, and then set any targets.

“I tried going for different things (earlier) and it didn’t work. I am in a state where I want to enjoy the game than set any targets. I believe I have the hunger to go, do big and that’s more important.”

Murali Vijay also stated that if given a chance, he would willingly step up and feature for a few games in Tamil Nadu Premier League for his team to wrap up his preparations for England. He said, “I really wish to play a few matches for my team before the England series but it will depend on the schedule and how things pan out.”

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