WATCH: FIFA’s strongest player Adebayo Akinfenwa warns Sergio Ramos for ‘taking out my man Mo Salah’

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The 2017/18 Champions League Final got over recently with Real Madrid overpowering Liverpool and registering a 3-1 victory by the end of the final whistle. However, what has still remained stuck with the audiences’ memories of the Champions League and specially the fans of Liverpool, is the saddening incident where Sergio Ramos and Mohamed Salah’s tussle in the first half of the clash had led to the the Egyptian striker fracturing his collarbone and leaving the ground, resulting in Liverpool defeat and Ramos receiving a great deal of flak for his alleged intentional foul play. However, what renewed the incident and the feeling of revenge among Liverpool fans, was when England’s third tier professional footballer and striker Adebayo Akinfenwa, sent a warning to Sergio Ramos for “taking out my man Mo Salah”, and it is something you cannot miss.

Adebayo Akinfenwa warns Sergio Ramos, tears a football boot in two pieces

Since that incident, Sergio Ramos has received unholy amounts of abuse, with many people believing and claiming that the Real Madrid defender intended to injure Salah. One of those people still clenching his teeth about the incident, is Adebayo Akinfenwa. The English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Wycombe Wanderers in the third tier of English Football, is nicknamed ‘The Beast’ owing to his heavy build and strength.

The 36-year-old striker, who is known for two things apart from football – his strength and his banter – tweeted a video in which he called out Sergio Ramos for his aggressive and alleged foul gameplay, and warned him that if the two footballers ever played together, Akinfenwa would take no time to avenge Mo Salah’s injury.

Although Adebayo Akinfenwa was humble and sensible enough to admit that he would probably never meet Ramos in a match, given his limited skill-set of football’s third-tier, but nonetheless, let him know that given a chance, he would make Ramos regret all of his shithousery – the most recent victims of which were Mohamed Salah and Loris Karius.

Akinfenwa said in the video he posted on Twitter,

“It’s been a week since the Champions League Final, and I just got back off holiday. See, Sergio Ramos, not only you did take my man out Mo Salah, but now I’m hearing that you put Loris Karius in concussion. Look brother, I ain’t never ever gonna play against you cause I’m never ever gonna make it to the Champions League, and you’re lucky. But if I did..”, and then you can see the 36-year-old tearing a football boot into two.

That, while packaged the subtle threat that Akinfenwa directed at Ramos, also ended up being all over the Real Madrid news and Liverpool latest news.

Sergio Ramos rubbishes claims, says Salah grabbed his arm first, leading to the crash

In other part of Real Madrid news and Liverpool news, Real Madrid captain and defender Sergio Ramos rubbished all the claims that he had subjected Loris Karius and Mohamed Salah to intentional foul plays, and said, as reported by Joe UK,

“Bloody hell, they have given this Salah thing a lot of attention. I didn’t want to speak because everything is magnified. I remember the play well: he grabs my arm first and I fell to the other side, the injury happened to the other arm and they said that I gave him a judo hold. After that the goalkeeper said I dazed him with a clash.”

“I spoke with Salah through messages. He was quite good. He could have played on if he got an injection for the second half, I have done it sometimes but when Ramos does something like this, it sticks a little bit more.”

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