Atletico Madrid ‘set to bathe’ Griezmann with gold, as they offer him €25m per season to keep away Barcelona

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  • Latest FC Barcelona News and Atletico Madrid News coming in states that Antoine Griezmann is still undecided on making a move this summer
  • Atletico are willing to go all out and make a huge monetary offer to keep Griezmann at the club

In latest FC Barcelona News and Atletico Madrid Transfer News, the long running Antoine Griezmann transfer saga has taken a fresh twist as it has been reported by some newspapers that the French striker has told close friends that he will be staying put at Atletico Madrid this summer. However, this Antoine Griezmann Transfer News comes in the backdrop of yet another story that the 27-year-old is still undecided and is keeping every option open at this stage.

This FC Barcelona Transfer News and Antoine Griezmann News doing the rounds is pretty tiresome and the striker himself has said very little apart from to reiterate his future will be decided before the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia. Whether he’s actually going to make an announcement is a different matter but for the sake of our sanity and to put an end to this Atletico Madrid News and the Antoine Griezmann Transfer News saga let us hope that he does so.

What further complicates this FC Barcelona News and Atletico Madrid Transfer News is the fact that at the end of last year, Griezmann had, through his sister and a representative, committed to a summer move to Camp Nou in a lunch meeting held with club president Josep Maria Bartomeu and sporting director Robert Fernandez. As such, this FC Barcelona Transfer News is a ray of hope for Barcelona who still believe that the French superstar will put an end to all Antoine Griezmann Transfer News and communicate his decision to make a move before the World Cup.

Atletico ready to offer €25m per season to keep Griezmann

However, as per latest Atletico Madrid Transfer News and Antoine Griezmann News, Barcelona are known to be aware of the strong pressure being exerted by Atletico’s board and their desire to keep hold of their star player at all costs. The doubts in this FC Barcelona Transfer News also arise from the fact that Griezmann was impressed by the desire shown by club to win the Europa League last month and also be the stability that his family seem to have found while staying in the capital city of Madrid. His wife, Erika Choperena, and her sister, Maud, are delighted with their family life in Madrid and do not want any change in scenario.

Add to this the added love and affection shown by Atletico Madrid, who, besides bathing him in gold with a contract close to 25 million per season, have promised to surround him with a champion team, with brilliant signings to play alongside him in a project which he will of course spearhead under Diego Simeone’s masterful tutelage. Further, as per latest Atletico Madrid News and Antoine Griezmann News, the striker is also worried at the prospect of suffering a fate similar to Neymar at Barcelona and being overshadowed by the presence of Lionel Messi at Camp Nou.

Barcelona silent on their part

The latest FC Barcelona Transfer News and FC Barcelona News coming in states that Barcelona have decided to adhere to a policy of silence, trying to generate as little noise as possible and letting time go by as they cannot announce any signing before July 1. It is a tense wait for the club but club president Bartomeu is confident that the presence of French players like Samuel Umtiti and Ousmane Dembélé can tip the balance in their favour and persuade Griezmann into making this move.

Various reports, Atletico Madrid News, Atletico Madrid Transfer News, Antoine Griezmann Transfer News and Antoine Griezmann News also state that Barca are afraid that an opportunity to sign a player of the Frenchman’s class at his present cost will not arise again and they might have to contend with the present strike-force of Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Ousmane Dembele going into the 2018/19 season.

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